Xbox games showcase reveal 10+ new titles.
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Xbox Games Showcase Reveal 10+ New Titles.

Xbox Games Showcase Reveal

Xbox Games Showcase was this morning and revealed 10 world premiers and 22 Xbox Series X console launch exclusives. A Halo Infinite gameplay demo was at the forefront of the presentation, and finally gave fans a peek into the next title in the series. [email protected] also had several titles to announce and showcase for next-gen. Below You can find a link to the presentation, along with some more information on a few titles that caught my eye.

Xbox games showcase
Xbox Games Showcase Reveal 10+ New Titles. 1

Logan’s Games’ to Look Out For!


Fable is back, well at least coming back and I for one am incredibly excited. The brief teaser showcased the dark sense of humor Fable is known for and new Xbox Series X graphics that looked outstanding. From what I could tell, it’s not a sequel or remake, but a reimagining of the franchise with a more realistic looking art style. No other information was given, but if I had to guess the game is going to be a Series X launch title or come near launch.


Obsidian Entertainment is known for its massive story-driven RPGs,’ and fans have been eager to know what their next new game is for years. Avowed will see obsidian return to the genre’s roots and place players in their own epic fantasy story. Most exciting for me was the brief use of magic in the trailer; it seemed as if the character drew a sign with his hand to cast the spell, and I can see learning new signs being a major game mechanic. I’m super excited to see more from this game, and I hope we will get a story trailer soon.

The Medium

I love a good bone-chilling game, and The Medium looks to be just that. The game gave me some serious Silent Hill Vibes. Most interestingly, this game seems to be the best use of next-gen technology I have seen. Rather than focus on framerate or resolution, the game takes a different approach to utilize the power of Xbox Series X. The Medium will place players in two fully rendered worlds and see them swapping between the two in real-time. The devs are focusing on pushing the limits of gameplay, and that’s something I can get behind for the next console generation.

The Gunk

This new game from the makers of SteamWorld is graphically stunning and the looks to be somewhat of a 3D platformer. Hyper detailed environments and countless particle effects make the game really have that “next-gen” feel. The reason I’m so excited about this one is, it gives me that n64 nostalgia type feel. What I mean by n64 feel is, the game looks straight out of the imagination of a child and reminds me of what I thought n64 games looked like when I was young, and I love it. I’m a massive fan of the Developer Image and Form, and I’m super excited to see what they can bring to a 3D platformer backed by Xbox Series X’s power.

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Logan Manfredi

Written by Logan Manfredi