Xera: survival- first impressions
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XERA: Survival- First Impressions

XERA: Survival has finally hit Early Access after a successful Open Alpha saw over 10,000 participants. This has generated plenty of hype for XERA and for good reason too, it’s fun, great fun if I’m honest. There’s something oddly satisfying about killing waves and waves of dumb robots… and the occasional dumber human! This is why we at MEF TECH couldn’t wait to get our hands on their Early Access build and see what all the hype was about. But couldn’t have all the fun, so we thought we would share our first impressions of XERA. So, Jimmy Unbuff and I kitted up and headed into the unforgiving world of XERA.

Kill, Breathe, Kill

XERA: Survival doesn’t reinvent the wheel, nor does it claim to have. It’s a fun open-world shooter that developer Spotted Kiwi Interactive portray as a PvPvE shooter-looter. They describe their debut release as a “search of glory, revenge, salvation or political leverage – and loot”. Players will find themselves scavenging for weapons, ammo, food, water, medical supplies and craft all the tools you need to survive the unforgiving world dominated by robots or even worse, fellow human enemies. Why is the world dominated by robots? Well…

“It’s 2022. The world is in chaos after a prototypecombat robot – banned by law and awaiting secure destruction by XERA Corporation – became self-aware, escaped and replicated on an industrial scale. Nation turned on nation in a fight for control over resources. With the attention of the world’s military on self-defence, mercenaries and disillusioned combatants have descended on a remote forest region to ransack the remains of XERA’s facilities, setting up two forward operating bases on each side of the forest. Between these bases there are no rules of engagement, as for some, nothing less than the future of the human race is at stake; for others, there is a potentially boundless paycheck. For all, the only imperative is survival”.

Xera: survival- first impressions

At first, you feel like a deer in the head lights. There’s no tutorial or any basic training course to cover the basics of the game. Looting, crafting, shooting and social interaction are pretty straight forward for experienced gamers, but some sort of formal introduction would of been nice. However, these fundamentals don’t take long to pick up and soon enough, you’re experiencing hand-to-hand combat with a robot that belongs in Attack of the Clones. Joining you on these raids against your common robotic enemies are other human players, 39 to be exact (40 pop per server), all with the common goal- get in, get loot. kill everything that stands in your way and then get out. This means once you’ve looted up and emptied the server of robots and humans enemies, its time to get your loot out at a near by extraction zone. This is the tricky part as XERA combines elements from both PvP and PvE, which sounds great in theory, but in practice… it’s a bloodbath. You’ll find squads camping out at compounds waiting to kill any unsuspecting foe. As always with these type of games, fellow human players will shoot on sight without even a word. Majestic and I were no exception. As soon as we heard the gun fire of someone clearing out a wave of robots, we hunted our prey and lit them up before they could even say ‘Gazpacho Soup’.

If you’re a fan of titles such as Infestation, Escape From Tarkov or Nether, then this game is for you. At present, there’s 12 guns available and they all feel unique and have their own characteristics. The game it’s self runs smoothly and does look great for this genre of game. Maxing out the graphics looks great and didn’t hinder performance on my GTX 1080Ti with a constant 70-80 FPS. The current build is extremely polished for an Early Access release, with neither of us experiencing any freezes, crashes or glitches. The maps content is a bit bare at present. Houses are nothing more than extravagant cover with nothing much inside. There’s settlements that serve as safe house to extract loot, compounds that need to be cleared of robots for higher tier loot, varying sized towns to loot and of course, Military Base, which we all know is code name for Action!

Xera: survival- first impressions

As XERA: Survival was only released May 25, you’d have to expect the game to change significantly with plenty more content and features to be added in. Spotted Kiwi have initially stated that they expect XERA to stay in Early Access for 1-2 years. Overall, the game feels extremely polished in the terms of gameplay and is a great foundation to build a quality game upon. Be sure to keep an eye out for future updates because XERA could be the next big shooter!

Head over to XERA: Survival’s Steam page and grab yourself a copy for you and your buddies.

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