Xera: survival release development roadmap
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XERA: Survival release development roadmap

Since releasing into Steam Early Access last month, XERA: Survival has seen plenty of success and growth. Jimmy and I thoroughly enjoyed destroying some robot scum and a few human players along the way. This success has prompted developer Spotted Kiwi Interactive to release a public development roadmap that highlights the upcoming changes we can expect with XERA: Survival.

Xera: survival release development roadmap

We’ve recently seen the welcomed additions such as Damage Falloff System and First Person Only Servers. The next month is set to include extra content such as Bunker and Crashed Helicopter Events, new weapons and P2P trading. Looking further, we can expect to see a new map, Base Building System and group matchmaking.

Don’t have XERA: Survival? Head over to XERA’s Steam page and grab a copy now

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