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YesterMorrow Is Available Now!

YesterMorrow the time-travelling puzzle platformer from developer Bitmap Galaxy and publisher Blowfish Studios is available now.

Traverse timelines as Yui, a girl with temporal abilities trying to correct the mistakes of the past. Search the post-apocalyptic present harnessing the mysterious power of the Everlight for a way to bring back the good old days and defeat the malicious Shadows who destroyed her home.


  • Time Traveling mechanic – Switch between timelines to overcome challenges. Combine puzzle and action gameplay across two timelines.
  • Agility instead of combat – To avoid pointless violence in our game we focus on non-combat approach to platforming and puzzle where agility is the key.
  • Day and night cycle – Day and night cycle has a visual impact on the world, it also impacts the gameplay, as dangerous creature and shadows appear after dark.

YesterMorrow is now available on SteamGOGXbox OnePlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

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