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Ghost of Tsushima Legends Coming to PS4 Spring 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Legends hits PS4 later this year!

Sony Interactive just dropped the first details on Ghost of Tsushima Legends, which is a new co-op multiplayer mode coming to Ghost of Tsushima, and the best part? It’s tottaly FREE!

Ghost of Tsushima Legends is a separate mode from the single-player campaign and focuses on four warriors who have been built up as legends in stories told by the people of Tsushima. All locations and enemies are inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology.

Players can team up with friends or randoms online in teams of 2-4 players and take on a variety of challenges from story, survival and raid missions. Each player can choose from one of 4 Legends (Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin) each with their own unique advantages and abilities that are yet to be revealed.

Co-op Story missions can be played by teams of 2 players and they will escalate in difficulty, building on the foundation of combat from the single-player campaign but with new magical twists. 4 players can take on wave-based Survival missions that of course get harder and harder as the wavers continue. If you have what it takes to master all of these then Ghost of Tsushima Legends is also introducing a 4-player raid that will send players to an entirely new realm to challenge a brutal, terrifying enemy.

For more on Ghost of Tsushima, check out our previous coverage.

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