Msi mpg sekira 500 series


As the worldwide leading gaming brand, MSI has launched its first gaming chassis – the MPG GUNGNIR 100 Series and received an enthusiast response from customers. At this point, MSI has now wielded years of experiences in gaming to dedicate to developing brand new gaming chassis. Now we are proud to introduce our line up – MPG SEKIRA 500 , with innovation, advanced technology and highly customizable remarkable design to bring gamers more than what they imagine.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

MSI MPG SEKIRA 500 series gaming chassis is inspired by the legendary axe in the hands of Perun, the God of Thunder in Slavic mythology. Its sharp and neat design combines with an inclined line on the front panel as if an axe is killing the devil spirit, which reflects the supreme power of the axe of Perun.

MPG SEKIRA 500X chassis is equipped with the double-sided tool-less switch tempered glass panel with swivel bearing for gamers to open and close more conveniently and to provide durability and better view inside. The extractable radiator bracket is also user-friendly to install water liquid cooling fans without tools. Accommodating up to three water-cooling Addressable RGB fans and 1 to 8 Addressable RGB LED Hub working with LED effect control button to control your RGB effects with millions of colors for personal styles.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

MPG SEKIRA 500G chassis provides gamers an extravagant simplicity with its rose gold lines on the edge. It also accommodates the extractable radiator bracket to support up to 3x water cooling fans for lateral ventilation. MPG SEKIRA 500G series is working perfectly with all this thermal design for non-stop gaming experience.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

MPG SEKIRA 500P chassis features platinum level double-side tempered glass panel to make this case a stronger fortress that allows gamers to show personalization. Furthermore, this design also improves ease of use for gamers to upgrade their devices rapidly.


Tool-Less Tempered Glass

Two hinged swing-doors with premium-quality 4mm thick tempered glass design guarantees window durability and viewing capability.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

Extractable radiator bracket

The modular radiator bracket is for easy installation of radiator without tools.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

1 to 8 ARGB LED Hub & Mystic Light

Bundled with a 1 to 8 ARGB LED HUB to help you have more attractive ways to decorate your gaming rig by the LED strips. (MPG SEKIRA 500X only)

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

Vertical Graphic Card

Additional vertical slots and construction kit for user to show off your gaming graphics card in the vertical position.

Msi mpg sekira 500 series

Optimized for Water Cooling

Fully compatible with 360mm, 280mm, and 120mm radiators.


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