(pr) montech enters the western market with pc cases and power supplies

(PR) MONTECH Enters the Western Market With PC Cases and Power Supplies

MONTECH, Originally founded in 2016. The brand itself has been quite successful in Asia market. Now it is looking to expand to western countries. Their group includes experienced engineers & designers from Taiwan.

MONTECH’s core value is bringing “good value” to customers. The products are either more equipped or at cheaper price than their competitors. Although the price may be lower than their competitors, the quality control of their products is very demanding. They would do random sampling up to 40% of the finished products. And make sure it all meets their standard.

The cases they make are very innovative and functional. For instance, the Air900 series, which will be launched this June, is emphasizing on airflow and dust-proof. It comes with 3 dust filters (front, top, bottom), big area airflow design, and the unique design of detachable mesh at sides.

As for the power supplies, they focus on “stability” and “silence”. They have cooperated with several well-known factories to work intensively on those two aspects.

They will launch a new full modular power supply series this August; we saw it first hand at the COMPUTEX. This series is called “Century”, the wattage from 550W-850W. It is 80+ gold certified, full-bridge design, full modular, full Japanese capacitors, silent fan, LLC + SR, DC-DC design. More importantly, it measures only 150mm (W).140mm (L).86mm (H), so it can fit in almost any cases.

(pr) montech enters the western market with pc cases and power supplies

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