Asus announces support for nvidia dpu and egx solutions on asus servers

ASUS Announces Support for NVIDIA DPU and EGX Solutions on ASUS Servers

ASUS, the leading IT company specializing in servers, server motherboards and workstations, today announced full support across the company’s GPU server lineup for the disruptive innovations in GPU, networking and security from NVIDIA’s platforms. ASUS will deliver high-quality, innovative servers to meet customer demand for NVIDIA data processing unit (DPU) solutions, and the latest NVIDIA DPUs were launched today at NVIDIA’s GTC 2020 conference. In addition, ASUS servers are NVIDIA-Certified on the NVIDIA EGX platform and optimized to run modern AI workloads that range from data science to training and inference. By providing hardware, software and certification kits, ASUS empowers customers to run critical business solutions that deliver superior performance, efficiency, scalability and security.

ASUS will also support upcoming NVIDIA GPU and networking adapter products as they become available, and will incorporate the latest DPU- and GPU-based computing platforms into ASUS product lineups. As a leading accelerated solution provider, ASUS embraces state-of-the-art technology to deliver leading-edge solutions for customers.

Beyond AI – NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

During GTC 2020, NVIDIA launched the NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 DPU, the world’s most advanced data processing unit, which provides every host with accelerated networking, enhanced security, increased storage and optimized efficiency. The BlueField-2 DPU combines the power of the ConnectX®-6 Dx SmartNIC with programmable Arm® cores and hardware offloads for storage virtualization, data reduction, threat detection and security isolation. NVIDIA Data-Center-Infrastructure-on-a-Chip Architecture (DOCA), the DPU SDK built on open source APIs, can be used to deliver software-defined, hardware-accelerated applications for AI, big data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, microsegmentation and next-generation firewalls.

ASUS GPU servers are excellently suited to house the latest NVIDIA DPU solutions and feature hardware that is specially designed for AI and HPC and offer between 4 and 8 dual-slot NVIDIA PCIe® GPUs for various workloads and applications. Additionally, ASUS GPU servers provide enhancing patented technologies, such as Adaptive Topology in the ASUS ESC8000 G4 server, which is designed to enable users to switch the system topology easily via the ASMB9-iKVM out-of-band server management solution and eliminates the need to change any hardware configurations or cable routing.

NVIDIA EGX platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform includes systems that are optimized for running AI and enterprise infrastructure that is built to handle high-performance training and inference for processing real-time streaming data from trillions of IoT sensors. This is all supported by a rich AI software ecosystem to create AI and 5G services for smart hospitals, robotic factories, intelligent stores and more.

ASUS offers several NVIDIA NGC-ready servers — ESC8000 G4, ESC4000 G4 and the data science workstations E900 G4 and Pro E800 G4 — that combine the computing power of NVIDIA GPUs, with secure, high-bandwidth and low-latency NVIDIA networking solutions. These servers are validated for performance, functionality, scalability and security, and enable IT teams to easily deploy complete solutions for AI workloads from the NVIDIA NGC catalog. These servers are also backed by enterprise-grade support, including direct access to NVIDIA experts, thereby minimizing system downtime and maximizing user productivity. This allows for quick remediation of L1 software issues and offers further support, including clear escalation paths for L2 and L3 issues. As an NVIDIA-certified partner, ASUS customers can be confident in their ASUS performance-optimized hardware and software solutions, and can securely run optimal AI workloads — both in smaller configurations and at scale.

ASUS continues to provide top-tier performance

ASUS servers are known to be top data center solution choices in terms of computing performance and power efficiency. ASUS 1P and 2P Intel- and AMD-based servers continue to achieve top-ranking performance, with over 700 world records based on SPEC CPU 2017 benchmarks on ASUS also offers servers that are focused on more efficient power consumption, and these servers have achieved the No. 1 ranking on the SPEC Power green computing benchmark on both Windows and Linux with ASUS-exclusive power-saving technology. The collaboration between ASUS and NVIDIA will continue to deliver comprehensive solutions for customers in AI, HPC, and data analytics.

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