Deathloop sneak peak

Deathloop Sneak Peak

We were lucky enough to get an invite to a special preview event of the upcoming first-person shooter puzzle Deathloop. We sat down (virtually) with Dinga Bakaba who is the Game Director for Deathloop along with Art Director Sébastien Mitton who gave us the low down.

So here’s everything we know so far!


Deathloop is one giant puzzle, you can be the best shooter in the world but that alone won’t be enough to complete this game. Players need to carefully pick their way through the environment looking and listening for clues that will help them reach their ultimate goal of killing all 8 Visionaries in a single loop. That being said from what we’ve seen there is still plenty of fast-paced FPS action to keep any shooter fan interested.

Deathloop – Bethesda


From what we have seen gameplay will vary heavily based on each player’s individual style. If you’re the sort of person that prefers to hide in the shadows and silently pick your way through the enemy lines, then there are plenty of perks and abilities to help you do so. However, if you are a little less patient, like me, then there is an arsenal of weapons and supporting mods to dive in guns blazing and get the job done.

As the game is ultimately a puzzle, a combination of stealth, firepower, and smarts will ultimately be required to conquer this challenge.

While initially at the end of each loop you wake up with nothing, losing any weapons and powers, you will eventually come across Residuum. This mysterious resource lets you hold onto weapons, trinkets and powers across loops.

The best part of Deathloop? If you die, the day simply starts all over again.

If at first you don’t succeed, die, die again.


Deathloop sees us play as Colt, who wakes up on a beach feeling a little groggy and disorientated from the night before. Trying to piece together what has happed Colt soon figures out he is trapped in a time loop, destined to repeat the same day forever!

With some prompting from Julianna (more on her later) Colt is able to figure out he must kill 8 Visionaries in order to break the loop.

The Visionaries are the protectors of the loop and they will stop at nothing to ensure it remains intact.

Julianna Blake is a Visionary with a twist. While she too is looking to protect the loop, you also have the option to play as Julianna. Taking on Julianna’s role lets you invade other player’s games and doing your best to disrupt their progress and maintain the loop.

Don’t worry though, if you are not into random people crashing your game, the story can also be completed with Juliana as just good old-fashioned AI.


The Island on which the game takes place is known as Blackreef and is divided into 4 districts; The Complex, Updamm, Fristad Rock, and Karl’s Bay. Each of these unique districts can be visited during 4 time periods; Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Evening.


Your powers are gain through Slabs that are found throughout the map. Each of the Slabs grants you a unique supernatural ability giving you new ways to terrorize and take out your enemies.
REPRISE: Gives Colt the ability to rewind time on death twice.
SHIFT: Allows Colt to teleport around the environment.
AETHER: Grants Colt the ultimate sneak perk making him invisible to Eternalists, lasers, and even the Visionaries.
HAVOC: Lets you absorb damage and discharge it in a destructive blast.
KARNESIS: Gives you the power to levitate and throw enemies around the map.
NEXUS: Can link enemies together so that they share the same fate. Kill one, kill them all!


On top of Slabs, you can also collect and equip Trinkets to customize and enhance your loadout. Trinkets can affect cult directly, think double jump, reduced fall damage and increased stealth to name a few, or enhance your weaponry, bigger magazines, reduced recoil, and silencers, etc.


We have a slew of weaponry at our disposal, starting with a simple machete, working all the way up to an Automatic Turrett.

A couple thing that peaked my interes, the Silenced nail gun (aka PT-6 Spiker) and the ability to dual wield hand guns and SMGs.

Special mention to the Hackamajig which appears to be a jack of all trades letting you access locked doors, hack turrets, and create distractions.


Deatrhloop is coming to the PC and Playstation 5 and is available now for pre-order now via the Bethesda website.

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