Bionik quickshot for xbox one review
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Bionik Quickshot Grips for Xbox One – Review

Bionik Quickshot – Review

I’ve been looking at the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller since launch and have yet to decide whether or not to purchase one. I have the Xbox Elite Series 1 and love it, however I have the issue of the rear grips pealing off and I am starting to have connectivity issues. The controller is a few years old and I have given it a fair old beating. Like many players at the moment, all 50 million of them, I have been investing my time into Warzone and have got myself back into Modern Warfare multiplayer and find the standard controller a little lacklustre, particularly the triggers. I have been using the Xbox Elite Series 1 with the glued on rear grips and putting up with connection issues because of one thing, trigger locks.

In my search for alternative options I stumbled across Bionik Quickshot Grips that are exclusive for the Xbox One Controllers. The grips offer custom textured grips and trigger locks. I was sceptical how well these would actually work but thought I would give them a go.

To my surprise these grips are great. The trigger lock adjustments have two settings. At the maximum setting they turn the L2 and R2 triggers into hair triggers allowing the player to get the shot off in half the time in an FPS shooter. The textured rubber grips are just a plastic type material and are nothing to get overly exited about but they work. They are very comfortable and make the player feel like they have a solid grip on the controller.

The grips are very simple to install and the box includes instructions and a plastic tool that easily pops the clips on the controller without causing any damage. Once the old grips are off the Bionik Quickshot Grips just snap into place and your ready to go. They fit on the controller very well leaving all the edges flush.

Overall the Bionik Quickshot Grips are exactly what I was looking for. The best thing of all, the price. I picked the up for $29AUD which is a far bit cheaper than the new high end controller. Don’t get me wrong there is huge difference in value for those type of controllers but for what I was looking for these are perfect, they are cheap, work extremely well and didn’t break the bank. If you want to up your FPS game on a budget I would highly recommend picking up a set of Bionik Quickshot Grips, you wont be disappointed.

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