Call of duty modern warfare review
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review – Welcome to Urzikstan

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

It’s hard not to say that I am a massive Call of Duty fan. Infact, this very website was named after a Modern Warfare clan I was in many years ago. Since the release of what I would say is the greatest game of all time back in 2007, Call of Duty has taken a few turns and I don’t believe in the right direction either. Nonetheless, the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare was my pinnacle in gaming and I had no choice but to strap my boots on and prepare for war! I must add that this review will be on the campaign only, as I feel Multiplayer always needs to nerf the shotguns a couple of tweaks, tunes and a patch or two to straighten it out.

Modern Warfare’s campaign starts you off in the shoes of CIA officer- Alex, as you are sent on a covert mission to recover some chemical weapons. Whilst on this mission you find your self under fire and the chemicals are intercepted by a group of unknown hostiles. This is where you are reintroduced to Captain Price, a man that has been around for years in the CoD universe.

He teams up with a new squad and is on a mission to recover the chemicals and calm the situation with Russia. From here it cuts to another protagonist, Kyle Garrick, as he is dispatched to Piccadilly Circus in London to contain a situation after suicide bombers had blown it half to pieces. I might add that all of these visual looks stunning, but I will come back to that later. From here we see the protagonists head to Urzikstan, a fictional country were the situation is erupting and the new squad of Special-Ops must track down the chemical weapons and find the people responsible for it.

I must admit this particular Call of Duty genre does always grab me a bit more and the storyline done extremely well with pulling me in, keeping me interested and helping me connect with the characters. The back story on Farah Karim the rebel leader in Urzikstan truly was fantastic and something that pulled on my heartstrings immensely,(I’m not crying, you are!). To play as a young Farah and almost get an understanding or a slight glimpse into her life, was a mission that I think will stay with me, it’s not a mission like All Ghillied Up, but they are 2 different missions entirely. All Ghillied Up had its own uniqueness, something that at the time, no gamer had ever really witnesses or experienced before.

Call of duty modern warfare review - welcome to urzikstan

As we all know, Call of Duty is a first person shooter based on war and while playing Modern Warfares campaign, I felt completely and utterly immersed. The guns felt good and heavy to shoot, the headshots looked amazing and the boots to the floor moved smoothly as you ran for cover in the battlefield. A lot of the battles took place inside of closed spaces, like buildings and even this they seemed to nail flawlessly. The battles were chaotic, bits of debris flew across the air with every shotgun pellet you dispersed, all the while looking as beautiful as a war torn building can. Piccadilly Circus for one, I got lost just walking around looking at the posters on the walls and the details that went into the level — I almost forgot there was a terrorist attack going on!

If I could fault anything about this game it would be that on launch it did have a few bugs that needed addressing — everytime my character put on a gas mask or head gear, the border of my screen would flicker from white and black. This along with quite a few crashes and some cinematics being very jittery, but I am sure all these problems will be addressed soon enough in a latest patch or two (And yes, my drivers are up to date).

Call of duty modern warfare review - welcome to urzikstan

A mission that stole the show for me was ‘Clean House‘, a mission that was a night vision raid and this was the pinnacle of the game as I’ve rarely found myself this immersed in a game. In the dead of the night, nothing but silence, you hear only the orders of your captain, “Make sure this floor is secure” he says, you only hear the sudden screams of people before they reach for their guns, only for you to end their day short from your silenced pistol. One wrong shot and you may kill an innocent or worse, you might miss the target allowing them to open fire, as the shots deafen your ears from their AK47’s! This mission is without a doubt a must play for anyone interested in any war game.

All Call of Duty games are quite linear and make you walk a certain path, forcing you to focus on its story driven campaign. Modern Warfare for me didn’t just get me to play the game, it left me wanting more, it had me fanboying all over again about the franchise. I was completely immersed in the game and that doesn’t happen to often with me. I found myself wanting to know more about how and why. I even found myself connecting with the characters like I don’t usually do in video games, a real commiment to all the writers involved. Sure, it doesn’t go deep into the Special Ops team that you are a part of, but it doesn’t need to with these characters — they are special ops and a dark hidden past is sometimes better this way.

Call of duty modern warfare review - welcome to urzikstan

Did the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise live up to nostalgia of the original CoD4? Yes, and no. It is graphically superior, no doubt, but to compare a game that pioneered this genre for me along with solidifying the franchise as the best shooter is hard to do.

  • 93%
    GAMEPLAY - 93%
  • 92%
    GRAPHICS - 92%
  • 87%
    AUDIO - 87%


Does Modern Warfare bring the Call of Duty franchise back up to the top where it belongs? Yes, for me it defiantly did. It was immersive, it was beautiful, and at times it was disturbing. But at all times, it was entertaining!

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