CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review
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CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review

CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review

CORSAIR has always impressed with their gaming products, and it’s pretty clear as to why – they understand their audience and their needs. One of their more recent success stories, the M65 RGB ULTRA Wired Gaming Mouse, picked up multiple awards thanks to its impressive performance that gamers demand. 

Now, for the first time, the M65 has received a wireless counterpart. With many things in life, there seems to be a “no school like the old school” mentality with wired mice long being the preference of those wanting no chance of lag or running out of battery in the heat of battle. However, CORSAIR is challenging this boasting the speed and accuracy serious gamers are after without a wired connection – Enter the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Gaming Mouse.

So can CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM Wireless technology paired with the M65 RGB ULTRA live up to expectations? Or is this another attempt of wireless gaming mouse falling short of the mark? 

Let’s find out!


One thing CORSAIR has always managed to get right is the design of their products, and the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless is no exception. Losing the cable adds a sleek quality to its already iconic design. The combination of the polished aluminium underside frame with the rubberised and hard black plastic outer shell gives the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless a rugged quality – something different to the typical pure plastic builds you get from most gaming mice.

Aimed at FPS and MOBA players who favour a claw grip, there is a triangular patterned grip on either side, well-placed side buttons and an overall premium finish that really sells the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless to gamers. The ‘RGB’ on the CORSAIR logo seems slightly askew and could be more evenly spread. However, the 3 illuminated squares at the back still meet the gamer minimal requirement of at least 1 Zone RGB 😉


One of the first things you’ll notice about the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless is its weight. Even before the additional weights are added, you’ll notice it sits on the heavy side at 110g. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – this will be determined by individual preference. Should you wish to adjust the weight and or centre of gravity further, there are six separate weights you can add (3x screws, 3x plates) with a total maximum weight of 128g. 

Whilst testing the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless speed was super impressive, which is thanks to the hyper-fast 0.9ms CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM 2.4GHz wireless technology paired with 2,000Hz hyper-polling. This is where gamers have previously been hesitant on making the move to wireless, honestly, anyone would be hard-pressed to pick the difference between this and its wired counterpart. Furthermore, with low latency Bluetooth as a backup and continuous use battery life of 90 hours (Slipstream) and 120 hours (Bluetooth), there are no more excuses to enjoy some wireless freedom!

Clicks are satisfying, tactile and quick! What underpins these clicks is OMRON Optical switches in part with CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE offering a spring-loaded design with zero gap between the primary mouse buttons and OMRON switches. This entirely leaves any depressing to the switch itself. Check out a sound sample below of both the left and right clicks.

CORSAIR M65 ULTRA WIRELESS Click (Left – Right – Left – Right)

At first glance, I felt the giant Sniper button located on the left-hand side of the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless screamed gimmicky. But after making a solid commitment to using it I was surprised it did play a role to slow movement when needed – Especially when lining up some AX-50 long-distance shots in Call of Duty: Warzone and even in Overwatch with Widowmaker in between grappling for dear life.

All this, combined with the CORSAIR proprietary MARKSMAN 26,000 DPI Optical sensor, sees the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless deliver on both speed and accuracy. However, given the $199 AUD price tag, I would expect such a product to deliver on these key metrics and lucky for CORSAIR, the M65 RGB ULTRA is no exception.


In terms of features, the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless packs a lot into a small package. For starters, there are 8 programmable buttons which include DPI adjusters that you can use in real-time, forward and backward buttons and the scroll wheel. 

These buttons, as well as pretty much every other feature on the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless, are all adjustable through CORSAIR’S iCUE Software. Here you can change everything from lighting presets to your DPI settings. One unexpected, but surprisingly welcome feature is the inclusion of ultra-low lift-off distance and programmable tilt gestures.

Programmable tilt gestures allow such things as tilting the mouse forwards or to the left, as a control for things like switching weapons. You can use this feature to assign any use key that suits your needs, giving you a lot of control over your experience. Any changes that you make can be saved within the M65 RGB Ultra Wireless’ internal storage, should you wish to bring your mouse with you on the go and keep your customised settings.

Lastly, and certainly not least, there is a USB-A to USB-C 1.8m rubber cable included. Should you be feeling a tad nostalgic, you can also use this for a wired connection to your device. This flexibility is a welcome addition and allows gamers to continue to use the mouse even when the battery goes flat.


CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review


  • Iconic Design
  • Build Quality
  • Programable Tilt Gestures
  • Wireless Performace
CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review


  • RGB falls short compared to other CORSAIR products
  • Price in comparison to the wired version
CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review
  • 98%
    DESIGN - 98%
  • 98%
    PERFORMACE - 98%
  • 92%
    VALUE - 92%

CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless Review

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All things considered, the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless gaming mouse is a welcome addition to the M65 family. Those looking for a fast, no-compromise wireless mouse will not be disappointed. You’ll be hard-pressed to detect any difference between this wireless mouse and a wired option. The customisable features are also a welcome bonus to this already impressive product with in-game results that speak for themself.

As with many good things in life, it does come with a higher price tag at nearly double its wired counterpart. But, if the M65 RGB ULTRA Wireless is within your budget, it will be a great addition to your setup.

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