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CORSAIR MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad Review

CORSAIR MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad

Today, for any gamer, a mouse pad is an essential part of any setup. Avoiding snags, smooth movement and good stops are all key for a competitive edge – you simply can’t have issues with your mouse. This is where the CORSAIR MM700 Extended Mouse Pad comes not only to deliver performance but features and some RGB flair. So, is it a game-changer or a showy update on a standard product? Let’s find out!


CORSAIR has gone with a sleek and satisfying design for the MM700, it’s a black mat (roughly 93cm x 40cm in size) with 360 RGB lights around its edge and a small control hub on the top right hand corner. This minimalist design is stylish and versatile, allowing it to fit nicely within almost any gaming setup or desired aesthetic – the only thing breaking the solid black is the CORSAIR logo in one corner which is printed and adhered well, giving you confidence it won’t wear off.

The stitching is high quality, with no signs of fraying and overall has a durable feel. Its size will comfortably allow your keyboard and mouse to occupy the pad with plenty of room for even the most rage-induced gameplay. The finish is not matte but has a slight sheen, that does tend to highlight everything from dust to KFC fueled late nights. But, in the MM700’s defence, the marks were pretty easily removed with a damp microfiber cloth. The pad itself is also rather sturdy measuring at 4mm it feels super plush and satisfying to use.

Features & Performance

The features of the MM700 are also pretty impressive for a mouse pad. The three-zone RGB lights lining the outside of the pad are even with no hot spots. There are twelve different standard settings, including static and breathing, which you can cycle through easily with a single button on the control hub. The colours are strong without being too bright.

The USB hub also contains 2 ports, ideal for connecting your mouse, headset or even flash drives, and a single USB-C port to plug in the 2m removable power cable (included). I actually found this more useful than I first thought, I normally swap between a couple of different mouses and having them connected close by was handy.

Using the CORSAIR iCUE software, you can program and customize the three-zone RGB plus sync lighting effects across other supported mice, keyboards, headsets and even RAM.

The mouse pad itself performs admirably. The surface of the pad is responsive, allowing fluid movement while still offering a decent stoppage – ideal for gaming. Its smooth finish also reduces noise and the anti-slip textured rubber base kept the MM700 firmly in place during testing. As a mouse pad, particularly for gamers, the MM700 delivers everything you need – whether you’re a hardcore CS:GO player or a diehard DOTA fan the extended space, surface and extra hitpoints RGB gives you… it all adds up to a great gaming experience.


As a mouse pad, the CORSAIR MM700 RGB delivers a sleek design with a smooth surface that will please gamers and regular users alike. The RGB provides strong colours and due to the customizable profiles, you can personalise it to fit in with your gaming setup.

Corsair mm700 rgb extended mouse pad review


  • Quality Finish
  • Great Performing Surface
  • Excellent RGB Implantation
  • USB Hub
Corsair mm700 rgb extended mouse pad review


  • Size could be an issue for smaller desks
  • 92%
    DESIGN - 92%
  • 90%
  • 88%
    VALUE - 88%


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If you’d like a mouse pad with all the bells and whistles and you don’t mind spending a little extra, then the CORSAIR MM700 RGB won’t disappoint.

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