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CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Review – Champion Series

CCORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Review – Champion Series

Serious gamers require serious performance – And this is why CORSAIR has introduced the Champion Series range of products to deliver the highest level of performance available to gamers. CORSAIR has spent over two years collaborating with esport professionals and competitive players to design a range of products from the ground up, this means no rebadging of existing products by simply adding a few RGB LEDs or a few stickers, instead, CORSAIR has used their network of professional esport teams such as Team Envy, Team Vitality, and BIG to ensure that the Champion Series provides the competitive edge required for professional gaming.

There is no better example of this than with the CORSAIR’s SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series gaming mouse. It has all the performance and hardware you would expect for esports such as an 18,000 DPI optical sensor, AXON hyper-processing technology with an 8,000Hz hyperpolling rate, and a lightweight design at more than competitive $99AUD RRP. But what about your average gamer? Can we all benefit from all this technology and performance? Or is this mouse best left to the professionals? Let’s take a closer look.


At first glance, it appears as if CORSAIR has taken a minimalist approach with its SABRE RGB Pro Champion Series with a traditional 6 button layout that is finished in matte black plastic. The mouse itself is almost symmetrical in shape (sorry left-handers!) and provides a comfortable experience that ensures you can game for as long as your mind can let you.

The two main mouse buttons feature the ever-reliable 50M Omron switches for performance and reliability. These two buttons also feature CORSAIR’s very own Quickstrike technology. Quickstrike Technology uses a spring-loaded, pre-tensioned design that creates almost no physical gap between the mouse button and the Omron switch. This produces a faster and superior response time with every click that every gamer will appreciate regardless if you’re a professional or a weekend casual gamer. These buttons are finished in a textured plastic to increase grip that feels great, although there is no indentation or groove that I personally like with my mice. There are also your two traditional side buttons your thumb, which feature the same textured finish as the main buttons and are a good size, meaning you will never miss these buttons in the heat of battle.

The SABRE RGB Pro Champion Series also features LED indication on the side of the mouse to show which DPI preset is enabled. This is a great feature for gamers who use different DPI settings across different games or genres – such as myself. I personally like to change my DPI settings depending on the genre of game I’m playing as I don’t need the same level of dexterity when playing Solitare as I do when playing Valorant. The DPI button itself is located just behind the scroll wheel and can be configured using CORSAIR’s iCUE software, which is something we will touch on a bit later.  

CORSAIR’s iCUE software is also where you will also find the ability to adjust the 2-zone RGB illumination. Now, RGB enthusiasts may be disappointed with the minimal RGB lighting included with the mouse, but personally, I love this minimalist approach. The subtle use of RGB illumination proves that less can be more – especially with this mouse as there is only an illuminated CORSAIR logo and a scroll wheel that feature LED lighting, and that’s just perfect!

As you would expect from an esports focused mouse, the SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series is light – extremely light – at just 74g. This allows for great precision and accuracy that is associated with FPS gaming and complements its hardware perfectly. I am a little surprised though that CORSAIR didn’t include any ability to optimise the weight of the mouse with removable weighted modules. This would have given the mouse another layer of customisation and flexibility to suit the user, but as the latest trend is lightweight mice, this is honestly no surprise.


This is where things get juicy – The specifications and performance of the SABRE RGB Pro Champion Series is nothing short of impressive, but this is expected from an esports focused mouse, isn’t it? CORSAIR has included the Pixart PMW3392 sensor that delivers up to 18,000 DPI, 450 IPS tracking and 50G acceleration. The replaceable PTFE glide pads is a nice quality of life feature that ensures the reliability of the mouse along with allowing the mouse to effortlessly glide over surfaces and track nicely. This provides the accuracy required for both esports and Minesweeper enthusiasts, such as myself.

Much like the CORSAIR K70 RGB Champion Series gaming keyboard that I recently reviewed, the SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series also features AXON hyper-processing technology. This technology is able to produce an incredible 8,000HZ hyperpolling rate that we have only previously seen with the Razer Viper 8K. This polling rate absolute smashes the industry standard of 1,000Hz and is able to deliver the mouse input every 0.125 milliseconds (vs every 1ms with 1,000Hz). Now, while some may call this a gimmick, I could notice an improvement in the smoothness and response of both in-game movements and cursor movements in my OS – is it 8x smoother and 8x more responsive? No, but the technology involved in being able to deliver this polling rate is nothing short of impressive and continues to set the benchmark for its competition.

There is one catch with this hyperpolling technology, and that is the processing power required to deliver its 8,000 Hz hyperpolling rate. CORSAIR recommends that at a minimum, either an Intel i7 9th generation or AMD Ryzen 7 2nd generation processor (or their equivalent) is required for 8,000 Hz hyper-polling experience. I had no issue with testing this on my current desktop or laptop as both met the minimum requirements, but there have been some reports of people experiencing poor performance on PCs that don’t meet the above specs. Obviously, you can adjust the polling rate back down to suit your hardware using iCUE software, so this might be the excuse you need to finally upgrade your rig!

Software – iCUE

CORSAIR continues to invest in its iCUE software as it quickly becoming one of the best peripheral supporting software on the market. Its easy to use interface has all the features and options you will need to customise every aspect of the mouse to suit your needs. Everything from firmware updates, RGB illumination, key mapping, angle snapping and even enhanced pointer precision and optimisation of button response is all there. Users with older PC hardware will also appreciate the ability to change the polling rate from the 7 preset rates ranging from 125 Hz to 8,000 Hz.


The Champion Series proves that CORSAIR is one of the most innovative players in the game. Every aspect of the CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series pushes the limits of traditional mice in regards to performance and technology – Its 18,000 DPI, 450 IPS optical sensor provides the precision required for gaming at the highest level, while AXON hyper-processing technology is able to deliver an incredible 8,000Hz hyperpolling rate that needs to be experienced to be appreciated. The mouse’s simple and minimalistic design may not suit everyone, especially casual gamers who love their obnoxious and flamboyant RGB lighting effects, but for serious gamers who want to give themselves every chance to be top of the leader board, it is hard to look past the CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series.

Corsair sabre rgb pro review - champion series


  • 8,000 Hz Hyperpolling Rate
  • Pixart PMW3392 Optical Sensor – 18,000DPI, 450 IPS, 50G
  • CORSAIR Quickstrike Technology
  • Comfortable and Ergonomically Sound Design
  • Price – $99 AUD
Corsair sabre rgb pro review - champion series


    CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Review - Champion Series
    • 97%
      PERFORMANCE - 97%
    • 91%
      FEATURES - 91%
    • 93%
      DESIGN - 93%
    • 95%
      PRICE - 95%


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    Every aspect of the CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Champion Series pushes the limits of traditional mice in regards to performance and technology.

    CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO Review – Champion Series. For more on CORSAIR, check out our previous coverage.

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