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CORSAIR is best known for being one of the biggest and diverse manufacturers of PC components and peripherals with award-winning products such as the K70 RGB TKL and the Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset. But there is one category that CORSAIR has yet to conquer; displays. Well, this is all about to change thanks to the CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165. The XENEON 32QHD165 has been designed from the ground up purposely for gamers and content creators.

How so, you may ask? The display’s ultra-slim 32-inch QHD panel and 165Hz refresh rate are exactly what gamers demand, while Quantum Dot Technology and excellent colour gamut coverage ensure that colour accuracy is perfect and allows content creators to produce an exceptional level of work.

On paper, CORSAIR has delivered a monitor that is that makes you think twice about buying a Predator XB323UGP or ASUS PG329Q, but how does the XENEON 32QHD165 perform in the real work when compared to these juggernauts?



There is no other way to put it; the CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165 is spectacular in its design – Its die-cast aluminium stand provides a sturdy, modern look with a bold, yet stylish CORSAIR branding across its base. The stand also provides a level of functionality that you would expect for a premium product with one little surprise; built-in support for multi-mount products such as cameras, mic and lighting. This is a great addition for streamers who will love the extra desk space by mounting their Digital SLR camera or Elgato Key Lights to the stand.

CORSAIR has also included a couple of handy features such as -5° to 20° range of tilt and 100mm of adjustment for the height, but let’s be honest, it’s the displays gorgeous panel that instantly captures your attention. CORSAIR has included a delicious 32-inch IPS LED panel that features a stunning 2560×1440 QHD resolution and an ultra-thin micro-bezel that simply looks fantastic, but this is something we will go into more detail about later on.

Moving towards the monitor’s onboard I/O, CORSAIR has included a host of connectivity options including two HDMI 2.0 ports, a single DisplayPort 1.4 and an integrated USB hub that features 2x USB 3.1 Type-C ports and 2x USB 3.1 gen 1 Type-A ports. I love that CORSAIR has included support for both USB-C and USB-A connections as technology continues to transition to USB-C as the standard, it just makes life that much simpler!

CORSAIR has ensured that the 32QHD165 supports both wall and arm mounting with an impressive range of supporting options including 100x100mm VESA mount, CORSAIR’s very own XENEON mounting adapter, and even Elgato’s Flex Arm. This level of flexibility is not often included for displays but this is one aspect that most content creators will appreciate as the 32QHD165 can seamlessly fit into pretty much any studio or gaming setup.


As good as the XENEON 32QHD165 looks aesthetically, it is the gorgeous image that this 2560×1440 QHD IPS panel produces that is the real showstopper – The Colours are rich, deep and take full advantage of Quantum Dot Technology. Content creators will love the 100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB and 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage on offer. This also reflects well for gamers, especially with HDR400, as these features complement each other to provide a vivid, yet realistic and immersive experience during games (just quietly, Cyberpunk 2077 looked AMAZING!).

Every gamer knows how critical a high refresh rate is for a display, especially FPS gamers where the standard 60Hz simply doesn’t compare anymore. The 32QHD165 features support for up to 165Hz with a 1ms response time that restricts motion blur to almost nothing and allows gamers to get the most out of their hardware. The 32QHD165 also officially supports AMD FreeSync, but the good news is that although it doesn’t officially support G-Sync, I had no issues with either adaptive sync technology, which is another plus for anyone looking to future proof their monitor.

The OSD is another feature that has to be mentioned. This is one aspect of monitors that is constantly overlooked, but CORSAIR has ensured that the onboard OSD is simple and simple yet efficient to use. The navigation menu is a user-friendly experience and can be accessed via the integrated joystick or even CORSAIR’s iCUE software, which is a great feature for anyone already using the CORSAIR ecosystem of peripherals and components. There is a tonne of options within the menus and submenus that allow for customisation of image quality, calibration, adaptive sync, and even eye saver function to reduce blue light emissions.


With 32inch monitors quickly becoming the desired size for gamers and content creators alike, CORSAIR has ensured that the XENEON 32QHD165 is one of the best options on the market. Although the RRP is pushing $1,200 AUD, CORSAIR has managed to justify this price tag by offering a premium and modern design that focuses on looks and functionality then backs this up with an absolutely gorgeous panel that produces some of the best quality images I have seen on a gaming monitor.

Given that it’s CORSAIR’s first entry into the monitor market, you would forgive them for releasing a midrange monitor to test its response, but first impressions matter and boy, CORSAIR has left a lasting impression of me wanting more, more, MORE! I simply cannot fault any aspect of the XENEON 32QHD165; the colour accuracy and depth simply cannot be matched in its class and is perfect for professional content creators, while gamers will love being able to push their hardware to the limits to reap the benefits of QHD gaming @ 165Hz, HDR400 and a 1ms response time that produces a vivid and immersive experience.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best 32″ displays on the market and is a serious contender to the Acer Predator XB323UGP and ASUS PG329Q. It still blows my mind that this is CORSIAR’s first entry into the monitor market. If this is their benchmark, then I cannot wait to see how far CORSAIR can go within this market as I have no doubt that this is just the beginning… and I cannot wait!



  • Great Gaming Experience
  • Excellent IPS 32-inch QHD panel
  • 165hz Refresh Rate
  • Multi-Function Mount


  • Price
  • 98%
    DESIGN - 98%
  • 98%
    FEATURES - 98%
  • 97%
    PERFORMACE - 97%
  • 85%
    VALUE - 85%


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MEFTECH-GOLD.png The CORSAIR XENEON 32QHD165 is one of the best 32inch 1440p gaming monitors on the market as it combines looks, functionality, and performance at a reasonable price. Honestly, it is a must-have for any CORSAIR fan that wants a monitor to compliment their existing CORSAIR ecosystem without compromising on quality and performance. I still can’t believe that this is CORSAIR’s first attempt at a gaming monitor as it is extremely polished and delivers on every critical aspect that gamers, streamers and content creators want. Now that CORSAIR has set the bar this high with the XENEON 32QHD165, I cannot wait to see what CORSAIR comes up with next!

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