Destroy all humans! Review
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Destroy All Humans! Review

Destroy All Humans! Review

I seemed to find it all too common nowadays that Developers forget that being a fun game is just as great as an intriguing storyline or an action-packed shooter, in fact, ‘FUN’ seems to be a dying art in a lot of games I have played recently. Thankfully, developer, Black Forest Games delivered a fantastic remake of the 2005 cult classic Destroy All Humans and delivered the mindless fun I once remembered from Pandemic Studios original game.

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You play as a wisecracking, foul-mouthed alien named Cryptosporidium-137 or Crypto for short. You have landed on Earth in the year 1959, your clone Crypto-136 crash-landed and has been taking prisoner and it’s up to you to rescue him, recover any lost alien tech and most importantly, extract brains from humans for Furon DNA.

I can’t go into to much more detail on the plot for this is basically it, you need the DNA from humans to keep your own species going via cloning. So from here on out the only plan is to Destroy All Humans!


The gameplay is a lot of fun, which is just how I remember the original game to be and I am glad Developer Black Forest Games stuck with the original DNA of the game. It certainly brought back the nostalgia for me. I feel that in a lot of remasters, they try too much to make it a modern feeling game and then stray too far from the original for it to truly bring back the memories I once had with them, Destroy All Humans brought back many I can assure you.

Being in control of Crypto is a blast and a ton of fun to play as, being able to cause havoc by any means, whether its popping human skulls, morphing into one and walking with the humans or just flat out causing chaos with telekinesis and his trusty electric Zap-O-Matic gun. There is no shortage of fun when playing as the stubborn little alien himself.

Being in control of his spaceship, however, made you feel almost invincible. The tactic here was to keep moving at all times and destroy everything below you. I guess because I make sure I finish an entire level before moving onto the next mission I always had my upgrades up to date on my ship and it did somewhat feel like I was indestructible. This is fine to an extent, for it still is great fun burning down entire cities to the ground and a new improved way of extracting brains from your ship, but it did begin to feel mundane and I often found myself not wanting to fly it.

Being Crypto himself you felt a little more vulnerable and made the game a little bit more exciting whilst trying to sneak past guards on certain levels, although then again, blowing up an entire Ferris wheel never got boring for me!

The missions themselves can feel a bit tedious sometimes in the way that they are timed missions, so you can find yourself playing them over and over again trying to unlock the 3 stars.

The optional missions are; Abduction, where you need to throw cows or humans into the motherships beam, Armageddon, where you need to cause as much the damage as possible, Rampage where you need to kill certain things a certain way and Race where you race behind a drone all of these contain a time limit. And while this might bother some in this new generation. It certainly didn’t bother me, I play remakes of old games to be reminded of all that game once gave me, just graphically enhanced would be nice, one which the Destroy All Humans remake certainly delivered on.

Probably the biggest change to the game was the addition of much more upgrades for Crypto and his saucer. Whilst the original did include this, it had far fewer upgrades available for the players. In fact the have increased upgrades from 16 in the original to 66 in this remake.

Graphics and Audio

Visually, the game is a huge leap from the original, and for what it is, is fine, it’s not as beautifully designed as some AAA titles such as The Last of Us 2 or DOOM Eternal but it still possesses gorgeous lighting, fine textures and a lovely overhaul on the original itself. Destroy all Humans isn’t meant to be photorealistic and was always meant to be fun and cartoony.

Crypto and his saucer look great with much more detail, it is, however, the human characters were the game slipped up on, especially during cutscenes. The voices for the most part never seemed to match the human characters which were a shame, every time there was dialogue it felt out of place. I believe they kept the audio from the original game which if I’m being honest, this was the downfall of the game and never seemed to fit.


Destroy all humans! Review


  • Great Homage to Original Game
  • Electric Zap-O-Matic gun
  • Destroying All Humans!
  • Original Fun Gameplay
Destroy all humans! Review


  • Audio Sync
Destroy All Humans! Review
  • 80%
    GAMEPLAY - 80%
  • 88%
    GRAPHICS - 88%
  • 60%
    AUDIO - 60%


Destroy All Humans is a fantastic, chaos-filled and overall great fun game which has stayed faithful to the original experience. Both old fans and new fans alike will find much enjoyment here and will not be let down. I can’t stress this enough that I do believe games in today’s day and age forget that FUN is as good as any story and in this case, Destroy All Humans certainly brings a whole lot of fun!

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