EPOS B20 Review
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EPOS B20 Review – Streaming Microphone

EPOS B20 Review – Streaming Microphone

EPOS has been on a bit of a roll recently by releasing a host of quality products including the H3 Gaming Headset (you can read our review here) and the impressive GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds. Now we have the latest release from the audio specialists, the EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone. As they increasingly look to make a mark in the gaming space, the B20 has been designed to serve streamers, gamers and content creators alike.

Aiming to combine studio-quality audio with the convenience of USB plug and play, the B20 offers users a convenient upgrade for their streaming or gaming setup. However, coming in at $329 AUD, it seems quality comes at a cost – even more so than some competing products. So, is the B20 the correct product for you?

Keep reading to find out. 

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The overall design of the B20 is very pleasing. Made from aluminium, the quality and durability are quite obvious. Plus the black/dark charcoal colouring means it will effortlessly slide into any gaming or streaming aesthetic you may have at home or in your studio. Furthermore, the design choices clearly demonstrate EPOS has the user in mind. The controls are symmetrically mounted on either side of the microphone to allowing easy access to the controls, giving the look of a modern update on the classic microphone design we’ve seen before. The base is sturdy and accommodates cables through a small cutout to keep both the 2.9m USB-A to USB-C and 3.5mm (If using headphones to monitor) cables tidy.

Audio Performance

For starters, this is a broadcast-quality streaming microphone. One thing that sets the B20 apart is the four different pick-up patterns, which makes it very versatile for multiple use cases. Your standard pick-up patterns with the B20 are: 

  • Cardioid – Ideal for solo recording.
  • Stereo – Better for recording with a wider sound field.
  • Bidirectional – Great for two way conversation with a partner. Think podcasting.
  • Omnidirectional – For groups or collaborative game streaming sessions.
EPOS B20 Review - Streaming Microphone
B20 pick-up patterns

Through the use of the EPOS Gaming Suite, you can adjust and tweak these even further to your liking. It also features no-latency headphone output, should you wish to monitor the performance of the mic during use through a headset. 

The B20 also contains three separate microphone capsules, designed to pick up frequencies anywhere from 50Hz to 20KHz. This range means the low bass notes or higher treble notes of any voice will be picked up and ensures clarity for anyone who may be listening to you live or on a recording. Outside of this range, the B20 did a decent job of filtering out any unwanted noise. Placed about 20-30cm away with the gain dialed in I felt I could talk comfortably without needing to over project. Sound wise ill let you decide for yourself with the samples below.

Audio-Technica ATR2500x USB


There are a number of features that help make the EPOS B20 very user friendly. First of all, are the on mic controls used for volume, gain, mute and pattern. The dials are not only convenient but intuitive as well, meaning you can stay in control during live streams or recording sessions. There is also an indicator light so you know the mic is and isn’t live. 

Secondly, a single USB connection makes the B20 hassle-free as you simply plug it in and you’ll be ready to go. This connectivity will also synchronize with your computer, making tasks like volume control simple from your PC or the built-in controls on the mic. The B20 is also compatible with Mac, PS4 and PS5 compatibility in an upcoming firmware update. 

Thanks to its base, the B20 is also adaptable to your setup. It comes with a desk stand so you can position it in front of you easily, and it is also fitted with a standard 3/8 thread for connection to a boom arm. It can be oriented up or down, or even sideways, so you can set it up comfortably around you. 


All things considered, the EPOS B20 has a lot to like – When you combine the quality of sound and the number of controls, along with the plug and play convenience, it becomes a very user-friendly streaming microphone. The numerous pick-up patterns also make the EPOS B20 suitable for a number of functions – moving it out of the gaming niche and appealing to other users like podcasters and general streamers. 

EPOS B20 Review - Streaming Microphone


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EPOS B20 Review - Streaming Microphone


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EPOS B20 Review
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If you’re a streamer, content creator or simply looking to level up your recording setup, the EPOS B20 is certainly worth considering. It is worth pointing out that the price tag does move it above some competitors, but you can’t argue with its quality, design, or ease of use. So if you have room in your budget, the EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone will not disappoint.

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