EPOS H3 Review
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EPOS H3 Review

EPOS H3 Review

Since moving on from their co-branding with SENNHEISER, EPOS has maintained its focus on delivering quality products such as the GTW 270 Hybrid (you can read our review here), and now the versatile H3 gaming headset. An impressive all-rounder, the new wired EPOS H3 ticks all the major boxes a gamer would want from a headset; comfort, clear sound, and good communication. However, coming at over $170 AUD, the EPOS H3 is priced higher than some competitors with similar specs. This begs the question, is the H3 worth it? 

Let’s find out! 

Design & Comfort

The EPOS H3 boasts a sleek and understated design, setting it apart from other chunkier headsets on the market. Despite this understated design, the headset feels sturdy and durable due to its quality plastic construction. The stainless steel headband features comfortable padding and measured notches to allow a more precise fit for the wearer. Each length indicator has a satisfying click as the headset is adjusted.

The comfort provided by the H3 is further enhanced by the leatherette ear cups, which contain memory foam and a soft fabric pad where the ear cups make contact with the face. Weighing in at around 260g, the H3 is also very light, and the clamping force was also spot-on – adding to both its comfort and portability.

All of these features combined make the EPOS H3 an incredibly comfortable headset that can be worn for long periods of time with minimal discomfort, making it ideal for serious gamers. The headset comes in two colours; Onyx Black and Ghost White. Plus, the ear pads are replaceable which adds to the longevity of the headset. 

Audio Performance

As well as comfort; sound is another area where the EPOS H3 impresses. The sound profile is clean, offering enough bass for the big moments to make gamers smile whilst still offering the higher and softer sounds needed when gaming. The H3 features a closed-back acoustic design that contains a custom speaker system that works in tandem with the sound design in games and delivers satisfying spatial audio. Plus, with a frequency of 10Hz – 30,000Hz and powerful bass, the H3 headset delivers for both gaming and music. 

The volume has a large range, which can be managed by the dial on the right pad (more on this later). One thing to note is that when turned to the lowest setting, sound can still be faintly heard as it’s not entirely muted. 


The EPOS H3 is rather minimalistic, which is one of the reasons why this headset excels in its category. It isn’t encumbered by unnecessary bits and add ons, but instead offers exactly what you need – no more, no less. There are three main features of the EPOS H3, the mic, the cable and the volume control dial. 

The mic performs admirably, providing clear audio with next to no outside noise coming through. This means good communication during gameplay and clear audio for calls should you wish to use this headset for work. The mic is fixed and folds up and down nicely. However, the fact it isn’t detachable leaves the headset feeling a tad chunky and detracts from the otherwise sleek design. This makes the H3 feel like a headset to be left at home, rather than one to be taken on the road.

The cable is one of the great aspects of this headset as it fits any console or device with a 3.5mm headphone jack input. The long list of compatible devices includes PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and series X, Nintendo Switch, and most PCs and Mac devices. The two-metre-long braided cable feels durable but can tangle on occasion. The box also includes a splitter device for a PC if needed.

The volume dial offers users manual control at their fingertips. It can be fiddly however and isn’t the easiest to use with one finger. As a result, some users may need to use two fingers. This feature is great in concept but has not been executed as well as the other components of the headset. 

Despite all the great aspects of the H3, there are a few drawbacks. The fixed mic makes the headset a tad bulky and the price point is worth considering ($179 AUD) The H3 is quality, there is no disputing it, but if the EPOS H3 is within your price range you won’t be disappointed.


EPOS H3 Review
  • 94%
    DESIGN - 94%
  • 94%
    PERFORMACE - 94%
  • 82%
    VALUE - 82%


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Simply put, the EPOS H3 is a very impressive all-rounder. The sleek design and quality materials make the H3 incredibly comfortable, especially for long periods of time (a dream for gamers or home office users alike). The speaker system is very satisfying, delivering clean audio and excellent feedback from the built-in mic. Plus, the versatility of the 3.5mm jack is a serious plus for the headset.

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