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EPOS is on a mission to deliver quality products for gamers, and after the popularity – and success – of headsets like the H3 Hybrid, it seems they are only just getting started – especially with the latest addition to their impressive lineup the EPOS H6PRO.

The H6PRO, promises to be their best-wired gaming headset yet. As their flagship model, has been designed with two different audiences in mind. This is why the H60PRO comes in two different versions; a Closed Acoustic and an Open Acoustic. However, is the EPOS H6PRO worthy of its flagship title and price?

Let’s find out!


Taking one look at the H6PRO, and the first word that comes to mind is premium. The design is more refined than previous models, giving them less of a ‘gamer’ look, like that of the previous GSP range, with a more streamlined, professional appearance. They are predominately plastic making them light and flexible whilst still feeling sturdy when held. This makes the H6PRO lightweight, but still durable which is appreciated. The absence of RGB is also a refreshing change in the gaming space.

Both the Open and Closed Acoustic versions of H6PRO are available in 3 colours; Ghost White, Sebring Black, and Racing Green. The Ghost White features off white and light grey sections which are very aesthetically pleasing and give the headset a high-end look. A similar effect is achieved in the Sebring Black, thanks to dark navy sections which add depth to the colour. Finally, the Racing Green is a very dark, subtle green, and features a soft gold trim which is very master chief-esque. 

A slight difference in appearance between the two headsets is found on the ear cups. The H6PRO Closed Acoustic features a solid frame, whereas the Open Acoustic has a grill to allow for sound to travel in and out. Both ear cups feature memory foam padding but vary with their outer materials. The Closed version has a leatherette outer material with a suede section where it rests against the head. This is so an effective seal can be created to achieve the desired focused sound. The Open Acoustic, however, is made entirely of suede as a seal isn’t as necessary. 


In terms of performance, there are three main areas we will focus on – the sound of the headset, the microphone, and how comfortable the headset is. 

In terms of sound, both headsets are incredibly satisfying. Although different (more on this later), both models deliver deep bass sounds, rich mids that give a realistic crack from gunshots, and well-balanced highs while powered by our GSX 1000. In short, the sound is detailed and rich and can be enjoyed comfortably at high volumes – ideal for a wide range of gamers.

The bidirectional microphone is very high quality in terms of build and adjustment. As seen with the GSP range it’s a flip-down boom mic with three notches to adjust the proximity, but now is detachable and has undergone a design refresh! In-game communication while clear did lose some warmth and natural tone compared to the GSP 500/600. Samples Below from the H6PRO, GSP 500 and EPOS H3.

EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic – Wired – GSX 1000
EPOS GSP 500 – Wired – GSX 1000
EPOS H3 Hybrid – Wired – GSX 1000

Thanks to a number of factors, the H6PRO is very comfortable and worn for extended periods of time with next to no discomfort. The earcups feature memory foam and are quite deep, meaning they will sit well on ears of all shapes and sizes. The headband has sufficient padding, and a steel slider so you can find your perfect fit. The headsets are also decently lightweight, with the Open Acoustic weighing 309 grams and the Closed Acoustic weighing 322 grams, meaning both will rest lightly on your head. Lastly, the clamping force is well balanced without squeezing but will take some adjustment time to loosen up.


Given that the H6PRO models are wired, they aren’t overloaded with unnecessary bells and whistles. Instead, the designers have simply provided a few features that will add to the users’ experience. 

Firstly, the headset comes with two quality braided cables included in the box. One is a 3.5m 2-meter connection for your PC, the other is a 1.5-meter cable for all of your other devices, allowing for universal connectivity. The Ghost White models come with matching white cables.

On the right ear cup is a large volume dial, similar to that of other EPOS models. It’s well placed but can be fiddly to use. While being larger than the H3 Hyrbid’s I do feel this is one area that could have carried over from the GSP 500 and 600. Having a physical wheel to grab and turn just feels nicer. It’s also worth noting the minimum volume is 5% volume, not zero, which was set based on user feedback on previous models.

The bidirectional microphone is magnetically detachable with ease, which means users who want to listen to the headset on the go can do so without the bulk of the mic. When the mic is removed, there is a two magnetic pad included that can be used to cover the magnetic holes, nice touch on including a spare EPOS. It is also a flip to mute, with a clear ‘click’ point. 

Comparison, Closed – Open Acoustic

Now, this leaves a comparison between the two different headsets – the H6PRO Closed Acoustic and the H6PRO Open Acoustic. Whilst they are similar in many aspects, there are a few key differences that will help you to determine which version is right for you.

Firstly, let’s look at sound. The Closed Acoustic provides deep, focused sound, and is ideal for gamers looking for a deeply immersive experience. The bass is highly responsive, and the overall soundscape is crisp and clear. The seal provided by the leatherette padding creates effective isolation, which minimises any outside sound. The Closed Acoustic model also delivers slightly more volume with a sensitivity rating of 117 dB SPL @1kHz 1V RMS vs 111 dB on the Open, this may pull Xbox gamers to its favour who want louder sound in-game paired with blocking outside noise.

The Open Acoustic model differs, in that it provides a more natural open soundscape suited to quiet environments. Perfect for when you need hear was happening both on and off the battlefield, someone knocking at the door for instance. Sound and in-game audio ques fill the room rather than the ear cup and directional sound has a more natural place in the soundscape. In short, you can expect a wider, truer sound stage with more air being able to reach your ears, keeping them cooler and adding to comfort in the long run. Personally, this coupled with the wider sound stage and still being out to hear the outside world is why I love the H6PRO Open Acoustic.

However, what you gain in sound experience may be compromised in a noisy environment. This is the trade-off between open and closed headsets. Although streamers, podcasters, and other content creators may find this ideal, as they will be able to hear themselves more clearly, and adjust their speech accordingly.

In terms of music, and other uses, both perform admirably. However, again, there are distinct advantages to both. The closed headset means wherever you are, be it travelling or at home, you’ll have fewer interruptions from the outside world. Whereas the Open headset will suffer if not in a suited environment. People will clearly hear what your hearing whether it’s music, gaming or chat the open back nature will allow these sounds to leak into the room.

Simply put, If you’re in an environment where distraction will be an issue go for the Closed Acoustic. If you have a quiet space to consume content and game I recommend the openness and sound stage of the Open Acoustic.


Epos h6pro review


  • Detailed Sound
  • Premium Quality
  • Top-Notch Design
  • Open or Closed Back Option
  • Colour Options
  • Detachable Mic
Epos h6pro review


  • Volume Dial Design
  • 99%
    DESIGN - 99%
  • 98%
    FEATURES - 98%
  • 98%
    AUDIO - 98%
  • 93%
    VALUE - 93%


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The EPOS H6PRO range is easily one of the best-looking and sounding gaming headsets to date, building on the GSP range in almost every aspect. EPOS has given gamers quality construction, awesome colour variants and an option of both Open Acoustic and Closed Acoustic models.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can expect deeply satisfying sound, a high-quality mic, and a comfortable build that will allow you to wear the EPOS H6PRO for hours on end.

Granted, the H6PRO does come with a higher price tag, but if within your budget, EPOS’ best-wired headset is a worthy companion.

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