Final fantasy remake demo - review
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Final Fantasy Remake Demo – Review

Final Fantasy Remake Demo Review

Square Enix released a playable demo of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake this Monday the 2nd of March.

I downloaded the demo, which is just under 8G from the PlayStation Store.  The demo puts you into a mission that has the player controlling Cloud, the main protagonist, and later on controlling both Cloud and Barret, a brute solider with a machine gun for a right arm.  There are small enemy waves to get you adjusted to the combat mechanics early on in the mission.

Final fantasy remake review
Final fantasy remake demo - review 1

The combats mechanics are simple but hard to get use too.  The general hack and slash with Cloud and his over the top iconic sword can all be done by tapping square for fast slashes and holding it to deliver a slower but more damaging hit.  Whilst you button mash square the player is increasing the ATB gauge, which is used to deliver powerful hits & combos on enemies.  Triangle will allow the selected character to perform a unique ability that goes on a cool down and circle is to dodge.  When hitting X on the controller during combat it will almost stop the fight completely to allow the player to access the command menu where you can target enemies with spells, special abilities, give companions instructions and use potions to assist with a range of abilities.

After a few cuts scenes and waves of enemies the player gains control of Barret, who specialises in long-range attacks, at this point you can choose to play as either character with flawless transitions between both.  I must admit I found Barret quite boring to play and only swapped to him to cast a spell or use a special ability during the boss fight when I needed too.

Final fantasy remake review
Final fantasy remake demo - review 2

The final boss battle against the Scorpion Sentinel took me about 20mins to complete, and to be honest I do not think I mastered the combat pattern, but rather just button mashed when I was not taking cover.  It was a relief when the boss finally went down and overall it was a satisfying battle with stunning visuals and short cut scenes as the Sentinel changed combat mechanics and arenas.  If this boss battle is a just a taste of what the full game will offer, players are in for a great experience.

The graphics make the game look visually stunning from cut scenes that flow between exploring and combat game play to the combat itself.  The combat visuals are spectacular to watch, especially when using a special ability.

The story in this demo version did not have me engaged at all which is understandable as it starts off somewhere random throughout the main story and does not introduce Cloud, Barret or the rest of the team in any context to what is going on.  I found myself far more engaged in the visuals and the combat mechanics in the demo.

The demo does a great job of giving players a very quick snippet of what Final Fantasy 7 Remake will offer returning players and new players alike to the franchise.  Overall I spent about 2hrs playing it from start to finish and felt like I had experienced most of what the demo had to offer.

The full game of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be available on PlayStation 4 from April 10th 2020.

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