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Obey Me Review – Fetch Me Those Souls

Obey Me is a 3D Brawler developed by Error 404 studios that was released on April 21 of 2020 for PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One. The game follows the story of Vannesa Held and her companion, Monty the hellhound, in the middle of a conflict between Heaven and Hell for humans souls set in the modern world.

Obey Me is an action brawler with gameplay and design of dungeon crawlers like Diablo. The game takes you through a dark modern world full of demons, angels and mutants which are battling for dominion over mankind. Take on the mission of being a soul collector by yourself or with a friend in the game’s co-op mode.

The Positive

  • Gameplay: As a fan of Diablo and dungeon crawler-styled games, I must say that the game does a great work of keeping you immersed in action, as every screen of each level will throw you against hordes of enemies in order to progress. The action and the battles are fluid and kept me engaged. Although the game is not 100% like modern dungeon crawlers in which levels are generated randomly each time, the levels are deep enough to make you want to explore them and find secrets for enhancing both your gameplay and to fill gaps in the story as well. The most interesting part is the co-op mode in which player two gets to control Monty, which undoubtedly enhances the experience (although you can have just as much fun playing by yourself with Monty being a support NPC).
  • Visuals: the game art style and design is crisp; it fits the mood, story and the gameplay. This makes the game have a very distinct personality which is always a plus on my book.
  • Story: the narrative and plot of the story are engaging; the voice actors did a great job giving life to their characters, plus the extended lore existing in the game’s comic book published by Dynamite Entertainement makes up for a deeper and more interesting experience.

The Negative

  • Gameplay: this could be perceived as nitpicking, but I decided to take the game on in my review play through on the hardest difficulty to see what the game had to offer, and I must say I did expect a higher challenge, especially in the early levels.
  • Battle System: even though I mentioned that I enjoyed the battle system I got lost a few times trying to follow new combo routes as I unlocked them. although this is more of a personal problem.
  • Co-op mode: I feel that the game was designed around this given how Vanessa and Monty level up and the fact that they roll around together. However I believe it could be fun for a solo player to be able to choose between either of the two characters (maybe at the beginning of the level) since you do level up both as you progress in the game. Maybe set up some levels in which to be in control of one or the other in roder to progress. Co-op mode is not bad but I think the two-character feature could have been explored more deeply.

Our mixed feelings

  • Upgrade system: Although i really can’t say anything wrong with the upgrade system, I wish it had more features that were included in the gameplay: maybe an upgrade rout that makes you a different type of fighter, or a range master, or that let’s you become an unstoppable tank. I feel this feature could be better expanded and would add to the gameplay experience.
  • 81%
    GAMEPLAY - 81%
  • 90%
    GRAPHICS - 90%
  • 90%
    STORY - 90%


Obey Me is a good action brawler with a nice setting and story, engaging combat and interesting feature such as co-op mode. Some small details in the gameplay and the upgrade system could take place although this does not take anything away from the game itself. The story and the levels are engaging and you will find yourself having a great time hunting the souls of mankind.

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