GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review
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GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review

GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review

One of the most overlooked accessories in your gaming setup is perhaps the most critical one as it can be hard to get invested and immersed in your games if you are not comfortable – I am of course talking about your gaming chair. A comfortable and ergonomically sound gaming chair is key to not only maximising your performance but also ensuring that your body is well supported throughout your long gaming sessions. GT Omega is one of the leading brands that specialise in gaming products – in particular – racing simulation equipment with 10 years of experience in producing award-winning cockpits, wheel stands, gaming accessories and of course, gaming chairs. With a reputation as one of the best gaming chairs on the market, I couldn’t wait to add the GT Omega Pro gaming chair to my gaming setup and experience what GT Omega can offer my luscious rump!


Despite arriving in a HUGE box that weighs 35kgs, the assembly of the chair is quite straightforward and painless. GT Omega has included everything you need to put the chair together no matter if you’re Tim the Tool Man Taylor or this is your first chair build. There are detailed instructions that will guide you through each stage of putting the chair together along with a pair of Allen keys just in case you don’t own any tools. All materials are included in the box such as bolts, washers, and of course, the chair itself. Assembly of the chair can be done by one person in around 40 minutes (around 4-5 beers), although initially moving the box around before unpacking it can be a bit difficult due to its weight and may require some assistance.

When you begin to assemble the chair it is quite evident that each component is made from high-quality and durable materials – I especially loved the attention to detail featured on the premium stitching on the PVC leather as it was flawless. I found this level of craftsmanship a real highlight of the chair as it adds a premium touch to the chair despite its wallet-friendly price tag of just $259.95AUD. These fundamentals, along with excellent customer service, is the core foundation on which GT Omega has built its reputation and it is clear to see that the GT Omega Pro is no different and lives up to its reputation.


The GT Omega Pro is based on your classic racing car seat design that moulds its shape around your body so you almost become one with the chair. There are the famous racing cutouts are featured on the backrest are highlighted with coloured inserts depending on the chosen colour pattern (red in my case). This colour scheme is prevalent throughout the chair with coloured decals featured throughout the backrest, base, and cushions. This design is nothing new to the industry, but GT Omega has done a great job engineering this design whilst ensuring comfort and ergonomics is paramount. This comes as no surprise as GT Omega are best known for their extensive range and experience in racing simulation equipment and the Pro Series is no different.

The chair’s backrest and base are finished in your choice of GT Omega’s Signature Reinforced PVC Leather or soft composite fabric (only available in black/black or black/grey). My chair was finished in PVC leather and was impressed with its durable, yet soft finish that is perfect for the modern-day gamer. GT Omega claims that their Signature Reinforced PVC leather is more durable than PU leather that is commonly featured on gaming chairs thanks to its wear-resistant and waterproof characteristics. This ensures that not only will the chair withstand the test of time (or children), but also adds a premium touch to a surprisingly affordable gaming chair that will continue to impress me.

Featured within the core of the chair is thick 2mm steel tubing. This provides the basis for the framework of the chair as it ensures that it’s both ergonomically sound and durable with a weight rating of up to 120kg. This reliability is further backed with an impressive 3-year warranty across all GT Omega products, not just Pro Series chairs. It is clear that GT Omega is both proud and confident of its manufacturing processes and materials are chosen as this length of warranty instils confidence in the customer as they know they will be receiving high-quality products in return for their money.

The GT Omega Pro features an 85-190 degrees backrest recline that adds a level of flexibility to the chair. I had no issue sitting in this chair for hours with the backrest fixed upright for work, then when I wanted a break and to relax and unwind, I was quickly able to adjust the backrest to nearly horizontal as I enjoyed some relaxation time with a book (yes – believe it or not, I can actually read). There are several adjustment positions for the backrest to cater to all different body types and applications – I particularly enjoyed sitting back in the chair, grabbing my controller, and enjoying some Rocket League (despite my terrible Rocket League skills).

4D armrests are quickly becoming the industry standard for gaming chairs as gamers simply want more options. It comes as no surprise that the Pro Series features 4D armrests that are finished in resilient PU coating. These armrests are similar to what you will find on most chairs and is just another quality of life feature that GT Omega has been able to include to ensure optimal comfort.


Now for what we all buy our chairs for; comfort. The chair’s base and backrest feature cold moulded foam that is slightly on the firm side, yet still provides a high level of comfort. This may not suit everyone as personally, I prefer a softer foam thanks to my slightly larger physique (190cm/110kg), but I was still able to comfortably work and game in the chair for 10+ hours with no issues. The foam inserts felt of high quality and noticed no lasting effects or imperfections from prolonged work and gaming sessions.

I found both the head pillow and lumbar support cushion to be on the firmer side, which is great for lumbar support as it provided ample support for my back rather than moulding itself to my body, but I simply wasn’t a fan of the firm head pillow. I like to sink my head into my head pillow like I do when I’m going to bed, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to with this as it was simply too firm. Again, this may come down to preference but I feel GT Omega could have made some improvement regarding the head pillow.

With many manufacturers now offering different sizes with their chairs, the Pro Series is no different — GT Omega also offers the GT Omega Pro XL for slightly larger-than-average gamers (weight rating up to 150kg) or simply for gamers who want a bit more room. I found that I wasn’t able to comfortable cross my legs under my body and sit on them on the Pro Series, but my wife (who is quite a bit smaller than me – 160cm/75kgs) had no issue doing this and actually complimented how comfortable she was.


The GT Omega Pro is one of the best mid-range gaming chairs on the market and offers exceptional value well above its price tag. It is well designed, constructed, and offers a great deal of comfort for both office and gaming environments. The Pro Series is the perfect fit for anyone who spends long periods at their PC and loves a firm and snug-fitting chair that doesn’t compromise on style or ergonomics (the XL variant is also available for anyone wanting more room). There are some improvements that could be made (softer foam base and head cushion), but for just well under $300AUD the GT Omega Pro represents amazing value for money for anyone who is serious about their gaming.

GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review


  • Exceptional Build Quality
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Comfortable Gaming Experience
  • Adjustable Backrest – 85 to 190 Degrees
  • 4D Armrests
  • Price – $259.95AUD
GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review


  • Firm Seat Base – Not for everyone
  • Head Pillow Could Be Softer
GT Omega Pro Gaming Chair Review
  • 89%
    COMFORT - 89%
  • 95%
  • 84%
    DESIGN - 84%
  • 92%
    VALUE - 92%


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The GT Omega Pro Series gaming chair is perfect for serious gamers who want a comfortable and stylish chair without compromising on ergonomics or price.

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