Jbl live pro+ review
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JBL Live Pro+ Review

JBL Live Pro+ Review

JBL has long been renowned as one of the premier brands within the audio industry thanks to its diverse range of award-winning products. No matter the application, JBL has is one of the most trusted names by audiophiles. The JBL Live range of wireless headphones ensures that everyone can enjoy wireless freedom all without sacrificing audio quality, while JBL’s Quantum range of gaming headsets provides the clarity and accuracy required for dominating the battlefield, but what about the ultra-competitive wireless earbud market?

This market is dominated by such brands as Jabra, Sony, and of course, Apple. JBL has established itself within the wireless earbud market by focusing on what everyday consumers consumer wants; value for money without sacrificing audio performance – And this is exactly what the JBL Live Pro+ True wireless Noise Cancelling earbuds offer.

The JBL Live Pro+ has all the hallmarks of a JBL product with features such as JBL Signature Sound, Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient, Google Assistant, and 28-hour battery life all for under $250 AUD, but how does this match up against its biggest competitor, Apple AirPods?

Let’s take a closer look and find out!


JBL has adopted a similar design as most wireless earbuds on the market, including Apple’s AirPods, with an in-ear solution that features a protruded stem. However, unlike the Apple AirPods, the Live Pro+ features 5 interchangeable ear tips that provide an increased level of comfort and stability. JBL has also included IPX4 protection to ensure that the Live Pro+ is resistant against sweat, rain, and light splashes of water. This is a great addition for active users who want a diverse product that can be used while at the gym or during light exercise along with at home and office use.

Featured on both earbuds is a range of touch controls used for controlling the output and other features of the earbuds. These controls range from your basic start, stop, and skip of tracks to more advanced features such as voice control (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa), ANC/Ambient Aware, and for managing phone calls. These controls can also be customised within the JBL Music App, which is a nice touch as I loved being able to configure one earbud for music control and the other for volume control.

The matte black finish of the earbuds creates a nice contrast against the glossy finish of the stem. Unfortunately, this glossy finish does seem to highlight those nasty fingerprints, but as the earbuds will spend most of their time in your ear or in the charging case, this is definitely not a problem.

Speaking of the charging case, this is one of the best features of the Live Pro+ – The case is light, compact, and durable, meaning it doesn’t take up much room when on the go along with providing plenty of protection for the earbuds when inside. The internal design of the case is quite impressive with the earbuds held into position via quite strong magnets that snap the earbuds into place and holds them securely within their charging docks.

There are four LEDs located at the front of the case that display the battery level along with a discrete USB-C port hidden at the back of the case for charging that is perfectly placed. Better yet, you can even utilise the case’s Qi-compatible wireless capabilities for wireless charging. All these features combine to create one of the best examples of a well-designed and engineered charging cases that I have ever come across. I cannot fault any aspect of its design, functionality, or appearance – kudos, JBL!


As you would expect from JBL, the sound quality of the Live Pro+ will please most audiophiles out there. The 11mm dynamic drivers deliver a full and powerful audio experience thanks largely to JBL’s Signature Sound. JBL has focused on delivering clear trebles and an excellent mid-range, which is perfect for music as the bass is prominent but not overpowering, letting the treble and midrange shine. Of course, depending on your music style you may want to adjust the EQ settings via the JBL Music App to fine-tune your output and get the most out of your earbuds.

There are several EQ presets that can quickly be activated via the JBL Music App. I initially underestimated how useful this was until I was on the go – Having the ability to quickly change the sound profile from rock that highlights the mid-range and bass to one that better-suited conference calls or the occasional podcast were a blessing. The app also displays the battery life of the earbuds, where you can expect to get around 7 hours out of a single charge. This, of course, can be extended thanks to the charging case where you can get a further 21 hours charge for a total of 28 hours.

For users constantly on the move, JBL has included Adaptive Noise Cancelling properties. The level of noise-cancelling can be adjusted again via the JBL Music app with three modes to select from – everyday, travel, and active. For its price point, the Live Pro+’s ANC performs quite well, especially when you consider that JBL has also included a Smart Ambient feature that helps pass through critical ambient noises to help you become more aware of your surrounding.

I spent the majority of my time testing the Live Pro+ in the office, which meant a lot of time in conferences and on phone calls which surprisingly, is one of the strongest features of the earbuds. This is thanks to not 2, not 4, but 6 microphones to provide a level of clarity you don’t usually associate with earbuds.

There are three microphones in each earbud as JBL has cleverly utilised one microphone in each earbud to provide feedback to assist with wind suppression and ambient noise reduction, while the remaining two dual beamforming mics are used to capture your voice. When you combine this with the ANC properties above, it meant that my colleagues heard my voice crystal clear – It’s just a shame I had no idea what the meetings were about as I spent the entire time adjusting the settings within the app!


JBL has bought their signature sound to JBL Live Pro+ with great success and proved that there are better alternatives than Apple AirPods on the market – all for less than $250 AUD! With an impressive range of features such as Active Noise Cancelling with Ambient Aware, 6 microphones, IPX4 protection, up to 28 hours of battery life, and a level of software support that you don’t typically associate with earbuds, It is obvious that every aspect of the JBL Live Pro+ True Wireless earbuds have been designed and engineered to meet JBL’s high standards and to be honest, I actually think this product actually exceeds these standards as I simply cannot fault any aspect of these earbuds.

Jbl live pro+ review


  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Great Audio Experience
  • Six Microphones
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling Features
  • Well Designed Charging Case
  • Google Assistance/Amazon Alexa Support
  • JBL Music App
Jbl live pro+ review


  • Price – $250AUD
JBL Live Pro+ Review
  • 95%
    DESIGN - 95%
  • 95%
    SOUND - 95%
  • 95%
    COMFORT - 95%
  • 91%
    VALUE - 91%


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Watch out Apple, JBL is out to take over the wireless earbuds market!

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