Jbl quantum 300 review
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JBL Quantum 300 Review

JBL Quantum 300 Review

As a brand, JBL typically hasn’t been associated with gaming. They have, however, earned their reputation as a quality audio manufacturer thanks to 70+ years spent creating audio products. Their more recent move into the gaming space has seen the arrival of the Quantum gaming range. As you may have read already in our previous reviews, JBL’s Quantum range showcases their years of expertise in some seriously well-designed products. So, does the lower tier JBL Quantum 300 meet the standard set by the other JBL products?


Unboxing the Quantum 300 is a pleasant experience. As soon as you lift the headset out of the box, you’ll notice two things – the headset is very lightweight (245g) and is clearly made of premium materials. JBL has struck a somewhat balance with the Quantum 300 – a sturdy build with light materials. However, I do have some concerns with the longevity of the swivel mechanism but to date, it’s been rock solid.

There is a mixture of glass and matte black plastic sections, with JBL branding on both ear cuffs and the headband. For those who have purchased JBL products before, this branding will feel very familiar.

The design is minimalistic, giving the headset an understated feel that doesn’t scream “I’m a gamer!” as others on the market do. The mic is also sleek, again, avoiding the bulky appearance of its counterparts. 

Memory foam on the headband and ear cuffs is very comfortable, which, combined with the lightweight nature of the headset, means long gaming sessions have minimal discomfort. The headset weighs just 245 grams after all! However, the Quantum 300 do have a rather tight clamping force. Whilst adding to isolation it did account for some initial adjustment period for the headband to relax.

Overall I really rate the design of the Quantum 300 and will fit into the vast majority of gaming setups. 


The Quantum 300 no-frills approach means JBL has opted to focus on the core functions of performance, instead of loading the Quantum 300 with unnecessary gadgets and features. 

The ear cups are mainly absent of controls, except for a volume dial on one cup. The flip-up mic allows for smooth communication when gaming online, or for video calls when working from home. 

The Quantum 300 is a wired headset, which may be a downside for some. However, its near-universal compatibility makes it a Jack of all trades, and thanks to its audio performance, a master of sound. As long as your device has a 3.5mm input, you can use this headset.

Included with the Quantum 300 are a high-quality non-removable 1.2m braided cable and a 1.5m 3.5mm USB adapter, so you can get the best possible sound quality from your computer. This adapter switches the sound from digital to analogue and also allows better control of the sound with the QuantumENGINE Software.


In a word, the sound of the JBL Quantum 300 is impressive. Powered by 50mm neodymium drivers a frequency range of 20hz-20khz, driver sensitivity of 1kHz/1mW (dB) and a 32 ohms impedance.

Featuring JBL’s QuantumSOUND signature the Quantum 300 strikes balance between highs, mids and lows. The bass notes are deep as standard and the highs are crisp and clear. Gunshots and explosions resonate exactly how you would like, without comprising on the higher sounds. Speech is clear and subtle sounds like footsteps are prominent to allow for a truly immersive in-game audio experience. This is further enhanced by the isolation offered by the Quantum 300, which does a great job at minimizing outside noise. 

Furthermore, the flip-up directional boom mic delivers clean audio clarity for both video calls and in-game communication (your teammates will be very happy about this). Whilst flipping the mic up will mute it, a very handy feature.

Given JBL’s experience in delivering high-quality audio, it’s no surprise that this headset performs well with music too. Users will find the Quantum 300 delivers very satisfactory sound, regardless of the genre, making the headset versatile for multiple uses. I also found this across platforms while PC does allow more customization the Quantum 300 also delivered a great experience on my Nintendo Switch and mobile.


On PC the sound quality is enhanced by the QuantumENGINE Software, this includes options to adjust the EQ settings and enable JBL’s QuantumSURROUND. This virtual 7.1 mode widens the sound stage and creates a spatial immersive environment and also aids in locating sound ques.

Through advanced algorithms and the addition of overhead audio, JBL QuantumSURROUND powered by the JBL QuantumENGINE PC software creates an incredibly realistic spatial soundstage


I have always been impressed with JBL’s implementation of virtual surround since our first look at the Quantum lineup. Simulating 7.1 can lead to mixed results, with a trade-off in one way or another, but JBL has managed to hold onto a decent amount of quality without creating a virtual mess. QuantumENGINE also allows tuning of the mic and makes sure your USB dongle is running the latest firmware.


Jbl quantum 300 review


  • Sleek Design
  • JBL Sound Signature
  • Muli Device Compatabiliy
  • Excellent Value
Jbl quantum 300 review


  • Clamp Force
  • No Wireless
JBL Quantum 300 Review
  • 91%
    DESIGN - 91%
  • 88%
    AUDIO - 88%
  • 91%
    VALUE - 91%

JBL Quantum 300 Review

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To be frank, there isn’t much you can fault this headset on. It delivers everything you may want from a gaming headset in a simple, no-fuss fashion. With great sound, a great mic and a sleek look, this headset delivers excellent value for money at just $129 AUD, especially when held up against its competitors.

The main drawback of the Quantum 300 is that there isn’t a wireless function. Which can present a minor inconvenience for some, especially gamers who get some time in on their commute. This is where the higher tiers of the JBL Quantum range are an excellent alternative.

However, if you can live with wires, you’re sure to love the JBL Quantum 300.

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