Mutant year zero: seed of evil review
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Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil Review

Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil

It’s always difficult to review DLC, as DLC is essentially adding content to a pre-existing game and aimed at players who already own the base game. Key elements of the game usually remain untouched such as graphics, sound and gameplay. So when paid DLC is released there is always one question that gets asked, ‘is the DLC worth it?’ In this instance we’re talking about The Bearded Ladies’ award winning tactical adventure- Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and its brand new expansion, the Seed of Evil.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was a game I thoroughly enjoyed. It was challenging and deep enough to test my skills and patients, while the art work was brilliant and at times hillarious! Fast forward 7 months and the team at The Bearded Ladies have been busy developing the first DLC for MYZ, the Seed of Evil. For those new to the series, Mutant Year Zero is a tactical role-playing game much in the vein of X-COM. MYZ story revolves around a group of mutants called Stalkers. Stalkers are responsible for protecting the Ark- a safe haven for what’s left of the world thanks to an outbreak of the Red Plague and a Nuclear War. Players explore the wasteland, kill a vast range of enemy mutants, collect novelty hats and eventually expose the truth about Eden.

Mutant year zero: seed of evil review
Should we sing Kumbaya?

The Seed of Evil expansion picks up two months after the main story, so if you haven’t played the main story I’d suggest to stop reading here. It’s fair to say that the Stalkers aren’t too happy about learning the truth about how they were experiments and created in a lab by none other than the Elder himself. Upon learning that the Stalkers had entered the zone, the Elder mysteriously disappears, perhaps knowing what the Stalkers might uncover. It doesn’t take long until you encounter the Elder who briefly explains that a chain reaction of events is now unfolding and that the Ark is under threat from a new, plant-based evil.

As far as DLC goes, the Seed of Evil is actually quite good value for its $14.99 asking price. Not only does the Seed of Evil extend the story by 5 hours, there’s plenty of new content that will please even the most seasoned players. Throughout the zone is a variety of new (and recycled) enemies, upgrades to major mutations for each Stalker (eg. Sema can upgrade her Tree Hugger to Tree Caster that disables enemies for an extra turn), new hats gear and of course, a new playable character- Big Khan the Moose. Khan is your typical proud Canadian Moose. He wears a funky jacket, wears armor made from the finest compact discs and breathes fire! Ok, there’s nothing typical about Khan, but he is sure fun to play!

Mutant year zero: seed of evil review
Seems legit

As you would expect, the key fundamentals of Mutant Year Zero remain untouched- Gameplay, Graphics and Sound. Don’t get me wrong, the gameplay is great, the new enemies and Khan all look great, and sound is still as solid as it was in the Road to Eden, but it’s not worth covering again as nothing major has changed that hasn’t already been covered.

  • 75%
    GAMEPLAY - 75%
  • 81%
    GRAPHICS - 81%
  • 60%
    AUDIO - 60%


Does Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil justify its $14.99 price tag? Yes, easily. The DLC answers some of the questions that the base game’s story leaves unanswered. The story alone is worth the price, but the addition of new enemies, gear and a new playable Stalker is excellent value for money and highly recommended for any Mutant Year Zero fan! 


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