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Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Its the 4 player zombie Co-op that people have been waiting for since L4D2 and though I agree with many that it does need some work regarding patches/updates, all in all Overkill’s the walking dead is a gruesome and intense lot of fun!

I have played over 100hrs in this game and it was in the first hour that I found out that the dead are not the worst enemies… its noise. The more noise you make, the worse your day is going to be.

Overkill's the walking dead

Although once again there is quite a few problems regarding bugs, the AI lagging around, melee shots seem to miss somehow and if your internet drops out, the last 40 mins was a waste on that map… but… there is something about this game that makes me want more! It could be the loot or the idea to see how stealthy you can do a level.

The weapons do feel good, the machete is great fun to run around choppin any head that comes close enough, the snipers are great when used by Grant with his ‘marked for death’ ability and the shotguns are great fun getting up close and personal, Although the SMG’s seem to lack a bit, they seem floaty almost like a toy gun even. My favorite would be the machete, nothing better than pulling that out and rampaging through, choppin every hater in your way.

Overkill's the walking dead

All in all the graphics are fantastic, better than I initially expected them to be. The suspense is good, the stealth is great and the game play is fun, alot of fun. The grind however can get a bit repetitive but all of these hack and slash games usually do. Its only going to get better as they release more patches and content.

There is some multiplayer features that still need to be improved but am happy they finally added voice chat! (no idea why anyone would release a co-op game without it)
They do need more content and depth but that is on the way and I for one am looking forward to it. until then…

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