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RIG Nacon PRO Compact Controller Review

RIG Nacon PRO Compact Controller Review

Founded in 2019, Nacon is a jack of all trades, not only serving up quality gaming hardware but also developing and publishing their own games. So as a developer who specialises in racing, sports and simulation games, you better believe Nacon knows a true gamer won’t settle for second best when it comes to peripherals. You know the old saying, “It takes a gamer to know a gamer”.

A year later in 2020, Nacom acquired RIG with sights set on further building on its already impressive gaming product lineup. This leads us to the RIG Pro Compact an officially licensed USB-A wired controller for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Aimed at casual and pro gamers alike by removing any chance wireless lag or disconnects plus the benefit of never running out of battery.

NACON is a pure-play in video gaming, publishing and developing video games as well as designing and distributing premium gaming accessories.


In the hand, the RIG Pro Compact feels sturdy, giving it a solid grip and twist results in no cracking or creaking. As for its size, it’s a pinch smaller (about 15%) when compared to the original Xbox one controller. Although the controller is physically smaller, Nacon still manages to find some extra space for the thumbstick, placing them slightly further apart, forcing a more open grip position.

Subtle branding can be found on the right thumbstick and a spotted pattern on the left thumbstick provides additional grip. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are larger than the ones you’d find on a classic controller and the two menu buttons find their way up and out, while the Xbox/Home button finds its way further down the face of the controller. Included with the RIG Pro Compact is a LONG 3M nylon braided cable, looking like it could confidently double a tow strap it feels super durable with plenty of flex.


One huge feature that’s included in your purchase is Dolby Atmos for Headphones via the Dolby Access app. Atmos for headphones is typically a paid feature so having this thrown in is a huge bonus. Dolby Atmos can be activated when any headset is plugged in via the 3.5mm jack on the controller.

On top of that, the RIG Pro Compact controller has some fairly significant customization options from within the Windows 10 companion App. Within the Pro Compact software, you have options to remap buttons and to change the characteristics of the triggers, thumbsticks and DPad. In addition on the back of the RIG Pro Compact is also a small toggle for quickly turning these customizations on and off.

In The Hand

Let’s first talk about the shoulder triggers. These feel great with a strong spring that snaps them back out once being released. While the travel does feel a little short, especially compared to the genuine Xbox controller, they perform well – offer a quicker response and feel great.

Moving onto the buttons on the face of the controller, the larger A,B,X,Y buttons feel nice and their tactile feel closely resembles their Xbox one counterpart. I did find the placement of the menu and view buttons a little unusual, as they sit very close to the DPad and right button cluster, resulting in the occasional accidental press in the heat of battle.

Moving lastly onto the thumbsticks. For me, they felt spot-on. Their smooth movement is complimented well by their spring weight making them a standout for the controller.

It’s worth noting as its name suggests this is a compact-sized controller. Physically it’s smaller than the standard XBOX controller and will likely leave larger-handed folk feeling a little uncomfortable. In fact, the smaller size forced me to use a more open grip, which felt fine for fighting games but left me feeling a little out of place when using the shoulder buttons in racing titles.


Rig nacon pro compact controller review


  • Quality feel
  • Great thumbsticks
  • Customisation via Software
  • Included Dolby Atmos app
Rig nacon pro compact controller review


  • Compact size restricts grip options
  • Menu button position
RIG Nacon PRO Compact Controller Review
  • 89%
  • 80%
    DESIGN - 80%
  • 86%
    VALUE - 86%


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For $89 AUD there is no doubt that the RIG Compact Pro controller is a nice piece of kit. With a focus on feel and feedback all while offering a wired alternative. Its textured rear surface has a premium feel which matches nicely with the premium build quality.

My only gripe with the controller would be that the grip position feels a little uncomfortable for my medium-sized hands when putting in long hours on a racing game.

Joel Nitschke

Written by Joel Nitschke

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