Asus rog strix go 2. 4 headset review
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ASUS ROG Strix GO 2.4 Review

ROG Strix GO 2.4 Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out the wireless Rog Strix Go 2.4 Gaming Headset from ASUS. The headset is designed for the “on the go” gamer. At first glance they could be easily mistaken for a decent over the ear audio headset, nothing about this headset screams gaming; until you look to take a closer look.


The Rog Strix Go 2.4 is a very understated sleek looking headset. Unlike many other ASUS branded products aimed at gaming, the whole “gamer” look is almost non-existent with this product. The headset is almost all black with the exception of the chrome plastic nooks on the band where the headset adjusts and small branding logos on either ear cup. At a closer look, there are some logos stamped and embroidered on the headset but they are finished in the same black colour, making them look premium and not overbearing. There is absolutely no RGB lighting of any kind, in fact, the only light I could find was the wireless indicator that is so tiny you could easily miss it.

The headset is of a smaller design than most gaming headsets with smaller, sleeker oval-shaped ear cups. The total weight is 290g but doesn’t feel cheap or like it’s going to break the second you drop it. The band is separated into several sections, the piece that goes over the top of the head is covered in a soft leather-like material that is super comfortable for long periods of time. Below that is plastic material with a nook that allows for sizing adjustments which connects to the swivel ear cups. The headset can adjust about another inch on both sides which is standard on most adjustable headsets these days. Like many headsets on the market the ear cups will swivel 180 degrees so they can lay flat on the users’ shoulders when not in use, what is unique for a gaming headset is the fact they can also collapse inwards for a more compact solution when not in use.

The left ear cup houses the volumes control dial, on/off switch, 3.5mm audio jack, the inbuilt microphone and the detachable microphone jack and the function key. All of these are positioned at the rear of the ear cup. The right ear cup has only the USB-C port for charging.

Overall I really like the understated design of the Rog Strix Go, although many gaming headsets can technically be used “on the go” I don’t believe many people use them that way purely because of the size, and often the RGB lighting associated with them. You can just imagine someone jumping on the bus at 7 am with a huge set of gaming headphones with all the colours of the rainbow flashing out of them like a rave party whilst they play Pokémon on their Nintendo Switch or Candy Crush on the mobile device. With the Rog Strix Go no-one would look twice.


The Rog Strix Go 2.4 is a wireless headset that operates on a 2.4GHz connection via a USB-C adaptor for PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch (handheld mode) and any mobile phone or tablet device with a compatible connection. The USB-C plug is a very small design and doesn’t really get in the way like large USB dongles. I couldn’t detect any noticeable latency with audio when using the wireless connection on my PC and PS4, the headset also comes with a braided 3.5mm audio jack for wired connection if you choose.

ASUS uses what they describe as AI noise-cancelling dual microphones. I’m not going to pretend I know exactly how they work but for us simple folk, it basically cancels out ambient noise. The inbuilt microphone cancels out an impressive amount of background noise and produces very clear voice communications between you and your teammates. The detachable boom microphone when connected takes the noise cancellation to another level, basically, there is no ambient noise… at all. There is a drawback as the voice communication is not as clear and crisp because it’s cancelling so much background noise. I tested out the different clarity of voice chat on the wireless connection via a PS4 and my teammates and I all decided the inbuilt microphone was clearer. I could see the boom mic being used in extreme cases such a busy train station, the airport or somewhere very noisy like that but in most cases, I don’t think its entirely necessary.

The battery life is also very impressive. ASUS quotes 25-hour battery life and that was about what I got out of a full charge overnight. The headset also has a fast-charging feature that will give the user 3 hours of battery life after only 15 minutes of charge. The fast charge feature is fantastic and absolutely makes this an “on the go” headset for the gamer on the move.

The carry case the headset comes in is high quality and functional. There is a pocket on the back and it fits the headset inside firmly along with all the connections the user might need.


The audio for this headset, in my opinion, is designed for gaming and it excels at that. The mid-range level delivers crisp and clear sounds such as gunshots and footsteps in FPS games and environmental noises in RPG’s. I did think the bass was off the mark for listening to music, movies or TV though, it just doesn’t have any depth. Overall the headset makes for a great all-rounder but only excels for gaming audio. If gaming on the go isn’t your main focus with this headset then there are better options out there. There is a bit of sound bleed when the audio is turned up loud. If there is someone sitting next to you they will be able to hear everything your listening too. Overall the audio quality is fantastic for gaming but fell short for other uses.


The Rog Strix Go utilises the low-latency wireless connection using the USB-C connection or the wired 3.5mm connections. The frequency response for wireless mode is 20Hz – 20KHz and 10Hz – 40KHz for wired. I found all the functions worked well whilst in wireless mode on the PC and PS4 but when I tried the wired connection on the Xbox it was a different story. The mute and volume controls didn’t respond at all and the audio feedback to other players was shocking. Now I know these are not designed for the Xbox but they do say they can be used by any device with a 3.5mm wired connection.

The USB-C connection will support Nintendo Switch in handheld mode which is a key point of difference to many headsets. There really are not many headsets on the market that offer this level of gaming audio for that platform. If your an avid Nintendo Switch user this headset has you covered.

My one big issue with this headset is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, I honestly think its a huge letdown. There are not many mobile phones with USB-C connections which limits the devices that can be used. For example, I have an iPhone and iPad which I just could not use with this headset. I’m not sure why Bluetooth wasn’t made available but honestly, it could have been a game-changer for the ROG Strix Go and really made it one of the best all-round wireless headsets on the market.

The Verdict

Overall the ROG Strix Go 2.4 is a top-quality wireless gaming headset. The design looks and feels premium and delivers top quality mid-range game audio. The headset is very comfortable to wear out and about, or for those long gaming sessions. I really liked the fact it didn’t require the boom mic for voice chat, in fact, it worked better without it in my opinion. The boom mic has its purpose but I couldn’t really imagine myself using it out in public or sitting at home on the PC, but hey that’s why it’s removable. The battery life is huge for a wireless headset and the fast-charge function is a game-changer for anyone on the go, or if your like me and always forget to plug it in after that big grind session. The only let down for me was the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, I just found it significantly limited the number of devices they could connect to especially given the price. The headset isn’t currently available in major retailers such as JB Hi Fi or EB Games, but can be picked up from online stores. At the time of this review, the price ranged from $279 – $330AUD. For me, that’s just too expensive for a headset that doesn’t offer a Bluetooth function and average audio for music and videos.

If your an avid “on the go” gamer, or use your Nintendo Switch on the bus every morning on the way to work then these truly offer the gaming audio experience you get from sitting at home on your gaming platform of choice. If that sounds like you, then I would highly recommend picking up a set of ROG Strix Go 2.4 from Asus.

Asus rog strix go 2. 4 review


  • Comfortable
  • Premium Design
  • A.I. Noise Cancellation
  • No boom mic required
  • Gaming Audio
Asus rog strix go 2. 4 review


  • No Bluetooth Connection
  • Average Audio for Music
  • Price
ASUS ROG Strix GO 2.4
  • 91%
    DESIGN - 91%
  • 84%
    FEATURES - 84%
  • 80%
    AUDIO - 80%


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is meftech-silver. Png The ROG Strix Go 2.4 wireless gaming headset is aimed at the “on the go” gamer who doesn’t want to sacrifice gaming audio when on the move. The understated sleek black design looks and feels premium and delivers top-quality gaming audio from your PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch or compatible mobile device.

The compact design and high quality carry case makes it easy for travelling and the long battery life and fast charge feature are fantastic. The headset utilises A.I noise cancelling that works effectively offering two microphone options. The headset is let down only by the fact it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectively which severely impacts the number of mobile devices that are compatible and the low bass levels for music and video audio.

Want to get your own ROG Strix GO 2.4? You can purchase it online from Mwave.

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