ROG Strix Go BT Review
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ROG Strix Go BT Review

ROG Strix Go BT Review

As the market of ‘gamers on the go’ gets bigger, more and more products are being released to provide quality audio wherever you may choose to play. ASUS has really impressed so far with their range of ROG Strix Go headsets. The first model we reviewed, the ROG Strix Go 2.4, performed well but was missing one key feature – Bluetooth connectivity. 

Enter the ROG Strix Go BT. Boasting similar features to its predecessor, the BT model has the wireless features we’ve been waiting for. So, is this updated headset worthy of a purchase? 

Let’s find out! 

Design & Comfort

Unlike other products targeted at gamers, the design of the ROG Strix Go BT is sleek. It doesn’t scream ‘gamer’ which is a nice change. If you aren’t familiar with the Republic of Gamers branding, they look similar to other black over-ear headsets. But with one notable feature is the lack of an external mic, which keeps the Go BT compact, unlike other, bulkier gaming headsets.

The all-black finish, combined with the other design aspects, leaves the headset with a premium finish which I enjoyed. 

Weighing in at just 300grams, I found the Go BT not only comfortable but incredibly portable as well. The headset has an all-plastic build, aside from the metal headband insert. The Go BT is flexible but still manages to feel sturdy and durable. This makes the headset comfortable enough to wear for extended periods without any pressure points. 

The faux leather plush padding on the cups and headset further add to its comfort. This can lead to a slight build-up of sweat if it’s hot, but otherwise, they are very comfortable. 

Audio Performance

I had a mixed experience with the audio quality of the Go BT. For gaming, this headset really excels. The subtle sounds, such as footsteps, were very clear. I also found the larger sounds, like gunshots or explosions, just as satisfying. This is in thanks to the deep bass. 

When it comes to music, however, I had a different experience. The mids felt uneven, which can affect the sound quality to varying degrees depending on your genre of choice. This detracts from the versatility of the headset if you wish to use the ROG Strix Go BT throughout your everyday life. 

The biggest change I noticed occurred when I changed between the different Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) modes. The ROG Strix Go BT has 4 different ANC functions: 

  • Heavy noise cancelling (For maximum reduction).
  • Light noise cancelling (Light noise reduction).
  • Ambient sound (pushes music to the background to allow for more external noise).
  • ANC off (standard setting). 

I found the ANC to be very effective, however, this did come at a cost. The heavy noise cancellation greatly impacts the quality of the sound, which delivers a mixed user experience. The light noise cancellation was also effective for ANC without as much compromise on the sound. 

Thanks to its low latency wireless connection, I didn’t experience any lags when connected by Bluetooth. As with any headset, the best audio performance came when connected by the 3.5mm jack, but you won’t have ANC whilst using this function. 


One of the most notable features of the ROG Strix Go BT is the wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The inbuilt, noise-cancelling mic delivers impressive audio quality without the bulk of external mics. This makes in-game communication very smooth. 

On the rear of the left cup, you’ll find the following controls: 

  • Volume rocker/mic mute
  • Play/pause control
  • Power button/ANC toggle

There is also an NFC Pad, an in-built mic and a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the right cup, you will the USB-C charging port (this is only an input, not an output). 

One impressive feature is the super-fast charging. You can get 5 hours of use with only a 15-minute charge. When fully charge, you’ll get up to 45 hours of battery life. This, combined with the comfort of the headset, enables nonstop gaming for extended periods. 

Thanks to the Android software through armoury crate, you can view the ROG Strix Go BT’s battery level, control volume and customise the sound and eq settings to suit your needs. 

One feature that I wish was included is a wireless dongle for connection to Switch and PS4/PS5 devices. Bluetooth does mean you can connect to almost any device wirelessly, however for those mentioned above you will need to connect via cable. 


Overall, there is a lot to love about this headset. ASUS made the ROG Strix Go BT with ‘on the go’ gamers and it shows. The Bluetooth connectivity is a welcome addition that offers users the flexibility to use their device of choice wherever they choose. The sound is impressive during gameplay however it doesn’t deliver the same quality when listening to music, making the device less versatile.

The comfort and portability of the headset are also a huge plus, along with the fast charging and battery life. I also love that the ROG Strix Go BT doesn’t compromise on quality – almost every aspect of the headset feels premium. 

ROG Strix Go BT Review


  • Comfortable
  • Premium Design
  • Portable
  • Gaming Audio
ROG Strix Go BT Review


  • Average Audio for Music
  • Mixed ANC experience
ROG Strix Go BT Review
  • 92%
    DESIGN - 92%
  • 82%
  • 90%
    FEATURES - 90%


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If you love to game on your way to work or enjoy having an immersive experience whilst playing at home, the ASUS ROG Strix Go BT is an excellent choice for you. If having quality audio for music is a must, perhaps another headset will suit you better.

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