Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review
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Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of options on the market when it comes to wireless chargers – especially as technology continues to evolve and more devices continue to adopt wireless charging technology. But can you really trust cheap no-name wireless chargers to safely charge your products without causing any damage? I certainly can’t! This is why I only trust reputable and industry-leading brands such as Satechi. Satechi has established itself as one of the industry leaders thanks to its focus on innovation and the needs of its customers.

This is none the more evident than with Satechi’s range of Qi-Certified wireless chargers that ensures Satechi has a product to suit almost every wireless device. But there is one that has particularly caught my eye and this is none other than the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 – This wireless charger has been purposely designed for smartphones and comes at a very competitive price point of around $80AUD, but how does the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 match up against the rest of the competition? Let’s take a closer look.


Much like the Satechi Slim X3 Bluetooth keyboard, Satechi has focused on delivering a sleek and modern design of the Wireless Charger V2. This is thanks to a premium aluminum base that provides a nice contrast to its black rubberised surface, which also doubles up as a layer of production to your device while charging. The wireless charger itself is quite compact and measures around 100mm in size and 7mm thick. This design compliments the modern desk approach that many of us aim for, especially when working from home where a professional setup is paramount for productivity.

Satechi has also included a Smart LED featured within the aluminium base to visually show the status of the charger. A green light indicates that the device is charging at the standard 5W output, while a green light indicated a 7.5/10W quick charging speed. I found having a multipurpose LED was a nice quality of life addition by Satechi as my many inferior chargers will only include a single status LED to show if it’s either charging or not charging.


As with the majority of wireless chargers on the market, positioning the device on the charger can be touch and go, and the Wireless Charger V2 is no different. Satechi has included a fairly large plus (+) to indicate the perfect position to place your device for charging and for the majority of the time, you will get the placement correct. But there will be, of course, times where you think you have placed it perfectly only for your smartphone to sit idle and not charge, thankfully this is where the Smart LED helps!

The Satechi Wireless Charger V2 supports both QC and PD inputs (2.0 and 3.0) with up to 7.5/10w output depending on your device (Apple 7.5W and Andriod 10W). I was slightly disappointed that see that there was only support for 10W charging output as I would have loved it if Satechi include support for 15W charging, but as not all devices support 15W charging, I can understand why.

To help protect your device, Satechi has included both over-temperature protection and foreign object detection to protect against temperature spikes and unwanted metal objects that may come in contact with the charger. These features are not often included with cheaper chargers and can lead to premature failures of your devices – imagine spending over $1000AUD on a brand new phone only for the battery to explode after a few charges because you were not using a QI-certified wireless charger?

In this day and age of modern technology, it usually isn’t a problem to have a spare wall charger laying around to use with products that don’t come with one, such as the Satechi Wireless Charger V2. This is a slight disappointment if I am honest but somewhat expected as this is nothing new for most USB-powered devices, especially wireless chargers. But I think it’s time that manufacturers start including an adapter in the box with their wireless chargers as not everyone has will have a spare wall adaptor or USB port free – That’s right Satechi, I’m looking at you!

Ultimately, the time it takes to charge your device comes down to the device itself and the size of the battery. But the time it took to charge various devices such as my Google Pixel 6, iPhone 12, and JBL Pro Live+ earbuds, the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 was on-par with a wired connection, all with the luxury of wireless freedom.


While the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 offers nothing new and innovative, it is still one of the best examples of a premium wireless charger on the market. Its sleek and modern design complements a professional working environment, while the addition of both over-temperature and foreign object detection ensures the safety and protection of your devices. The only downfall with it is the absence of 15W charging, but when you combine its premium aesthetics with a host of safety features and a competitive price of around $80AUD, the Satechi Wireless Charger V2 is a great option for anyone in the market for a QI-certified wireless charger and want to add a touch of class to their work or home setup.

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review


  • Gorgeous Design
  • Qi-Certified
  • Support For Both QC & PD Input
  • Safety Features – Over Temp/Foreign Object
Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review


  • No Wall Adapter Included
  • No 15W Charging Output
Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review
  • 94%
    DESIGN - 94%
  • 89%
    FEATURES - 89%
  • 87%
    VALUE - 87%


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The Satechi Wireless Charger V2 features a stylish and modern design that complements any professional working environment. Satechi has also prioritsed the safety of your device by including over-temperature protection and foreign object detection that combine to deliver a great all-round option for anyone looking for a premium wireless charger.

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