Secretlab titan gaming chair – 12 months later
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Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair – 12 months later

Secretlab Titan

Just over 12 months ago I got married (and survived). Around 2 weeks before the wedding I was having a poor day at work until I received an interesting call. I was informed that there was a very large box delivered to reception with my name on it. Thinking so hard I worked up a sweat, I could not remember ordering anything or being told to look out for any deliveries. Following my curiosity I wandered out to reception to find a Secretlabs box sitting there with my name on it. Well, my name was on the shipping label, so close enough. After some investigation I put 2 and 2 together and then called my wife. “It’s your wedding present” I was told, the smile on my face was so large it hurt.

If you are not familiar with Secretlab by now, they were founded by 2 former Starcraft II pro players who knew the importance of a good gaming chair and set out to provide the best one on the market. They are known for their excellent build quality, durability, customisation and their ability to cater to various body types, something that many manufacturers miss. Recently MEF TECH featured the Game of Thrones collection here.

Secretlab titan
Secretlab to release official Game of Thrones Gaming Chair Collection

After calming my excitement I was able to load the box into my car and start my journey home. That evening I got myself prepared, cleared out some space and got to work assembling my Titan. Anyone who has read a review or been lucky enough to won one of these chairs will know 2 things about the build process. Firstly these chairs are not flimsy, they are solid and take some effort to put together, but end up tight and give you confidence. Secondly Secretlab are smart and understand the build process itself. You are provided with some packing material specifically designed to protect your chair during the build and a nice big instruction card to guide you. These are nice touches to help ensure your chair is clean, and undamaged when it’s assembled and that you do not end up with leftover parts.

My Titan is designed for a larger person and although I am 6”1 and used to be a little on the heavier side, the chair is comfortable and sturdy. I could slump down with great force and not care as I know this chair will take everything in its stride. I could be a fair bit taller and wider and still know full well that the Titan will be up to the task. The Titan comes with an adjustable lumber support as well and for someone who has had back issues this is such a great quality of life feature and something I do not know if I can do without.

So moving forward to today, how is my chair? Well, it’s like new. I have used this for a few hours per day on average and that would include some quiet days and some very long gaming sessions. I have used my Titan when it’s cold and wet and when the road outside is literally melting (In Adelaide this actually happens, think 48C). The chair has taken some spilled drinks, moving house, sweat, blood, maybe even tears and it just keeps doing its job. The padding was a little firm for the first day or 2 but has since relaxed slightly and is now amazing. When I say relaxed I do not mean it has sagged or collapsed, just reached a nice point where it is firm and supportive yet comfortable. The head cushion has a little dog hair on it and I managed to find 1 loose thread but after 12 months of use I could not be happier. The pictures below are my actual chair.

So what do I think of my Secretlab experience and specifically my Titan? If you can afford one, then get one. You will pay a premium over some other chairs, but the quality and the durability is worth the extra money. I have no doubts this chair will serve me well for years to come, be comfortable and it will still look good.

Do you have a Secretlab chair? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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