Setex gecko grip review
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Setex Gecko Grip Review

We have all experienced those long gaming sessions where sweat, grease, and Pepsi Max all impact our performance. This is why a number of first and third-party companies have begun offering grips that are either fixed to the controller (such as the Xbox Elite) or removable grips (such as the Lizard Skins) that assist with both comfort and grip during these conditions. With so many options on the market is can be difficult to find the right grip for you, luckily enough we test out one of the most innovative grips currently on the market, the Setex Gecko Grip for Xbox One.


The overall design of the Setex Grecko Grip is simple, yet effective. Setex has taken inspiration from, as you can probably guess, the feet from a Gecko – more specifically, the microstructure fibers found on a Gecko’s foot as the foundation of their grip. Each grip pad features thousands of microstructure fibers that create a high amount of friction between the grip’s pad and your skin. This technology not only creates a soft and comfortable finish on the controller itself, but also up to 250% more grip in oily or wet conditions — perfect for gamers!

Setex has previously used their Gecko Grip technology on a wide range of applications including nose pads for glasses, AirPods/in-ear earbuds, and even generic kits that can be cut to suit various applications (think tools, dumbbells, handlebars, etc.). This is a proven technology that has the results to prove it, but gamers are a completely different beast when it comes to sweat and greasy foods!


Each kit comes with everything you need for your console – in my case, Xbox One. Each kit consists of 9 individual grips for each handle, top trigger buttons, and thumbsticks of the controller. I wasn’t a huge fan of having grips featured on my thumbsticks and top trigger buttons as I generally don’t find myself losing grip on these, but I can see the benefit of this for gamers who require this and will appreciate these extra grips included in the set

The overall design of the main handle grips cover the majority of where your palms and fingers will be placed, which is in line with most grips. However, Setex has also included a number of cutouts throughout the grip as the company claims this aids comfort. I am not sure if this is true or not but I did find myself subconsciously playing with these holes much more than I expected.

The actual compound of the material has a high resemblance to rubber so users coming from a rubber-based grip will feel right at home. Attaching the grips to your controller is as simple as peeling off the adhesive backing and place into position.

Unfortunately, the kits are only available in a black finish. I believe there are plans to add more colours in the future but no timeline yet. Setex did confirm that there is a PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version on the horizon, so keep an eye out all you Sony and Nintendo fans.


The technology behind Setex’s Gecko Grip technology is clearly superior to traditional rubber or silicone grips. The Gecko Grips provide a greater deal of comfortable along with up to 4x the grip of rubber or silicone when sweaty. The best part of the Gecko Grips is that the material is actually sweat-resistant, meaning that they won’t absorb sweat and impact the grip strength like other products.

At the top of the attachable grip market is none other than Lizard Skins. When Michael reviewed these grips last year he couldn’t help but be impressed with the feel and comfort, despite using a rubber compound. When I compared the two I was impressed with both products; The overall design and variety of colours and patterns that the Lizard Skins were able to offer were superior, but I did find the overall performance, in particular, the resistance to sweat of the Setex Gecko Grips was slightly better.


At just under $30 AUD ($20 USD), the Setex Gecko Grips are slightly more expensive than the majority of its competition (excluding controllers that include grips from factory), but the extra cost is well worth the investment. The level of comfort and grip that Setex’s Gecko technology introduces to the market sets a new standard for third-party grips — I just wish there were more colours and designs on offer.

Setex gecko grip review


  • Sweat Resistant
  • Great Grip
  • 9 Piece Kit
  • Proven Technology
Setex gecko grip review


  • Not Visually Appealing As Lizard Grips
  • Slightly More Expensive Than Its Competition
Setex Gecko Grip Review
  • 80%
    QUALITY - 80%
  • 78%
    APPERANCE - 78%
  • 92%
    FEEL - 92%
  • 90%
    VALUE - 90%


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The Setex Gecko Grips are a great option for gamers who want require a little more grip and comfort from their controllers.

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Written by Shaun Grimley

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