Simulacra 2 review - #solvemayamurder
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SIMULACRA 2 Review – #SolveMayaMurder


I was sitting at my desk one afternoon where an interesting email arrived in my inbox ‘If you’re getting this email, it is because you are an inquisitive journalist with an excellent reputation. My name is Murilo, and you are probably wondering why a detective of my calibre is emailing you out of the blue. Honestly, I am desperate and no one in the department has my back on this investigation, so I have decided to bring in outside help. YOU‘. At first, I thought that this guy knows me well, a little too well… or it is spam, but then I kept reading and realised that this was actually a game, a unique game that takes place completely on your mobile phone. My response was short and sweet – I’m in! 

Simulacra 2 review - #solvemayamurder
More annoying than that ex-girlfriend

SIMULACRA 2 is a narrative horror thriller that takes place completely on your mobile phone, or in my case, on a mobile phone on your PC. Fans of the original SIMULACRA will feel right at home with its successor. For new comers to the series (myself included), SIMULACRA 2 sees players take up the role of a new detective (or an investigative journalist) investigating a unique case into the death of a young social media influencer, named Maya. But here is the kicker, the case is closed; ruled as an accidental death. But Detective Murilo suspects there is more to this case and soon enough, you realise he may just be right.

Detective Murilo needs you be discreet as not only is this case already closed, he has also stolen the victim’s phone — the prime tool for your investigation. This phone has been installed with an app called WARDEN. This app llows you to not only to interact with the Detective, but also enables you slowly decrypt the data on Maya’s phone that to exposes the dark side of the internet and more importantly, the death of Maya. There is an underlying supernatural theme that is prevalent as soon as you begin exploring the victim’s phone; Here you will explore Maya’s social media accounts, her emails, her text messages, videos, and if you wish, interact with her friends from the beyond the grave. It’s not quite that easy though, you’ll have to use all your wits and skills to gather evidence and slowly piece together a case that is strong enough to solve the case… or blame someone who annoys you, as I did.

As I have mentioned, the way SIMULACRA 2 is delivered is unique. Not only is it a mobile game based that uses a mobile interface, but it also incorporates FMVs (think Command & Conquer, especially Tanya). I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the FMV’s. It has been a long time since I played a game has FMVs as prominent as SIMULACRA 2 and most importantly, do it as well as SIMULARARA – From watching videos of Maya and her friends, to Detective Murilo pocket dialing you, you’ll experience a vast array of… unique videos all recorded in 4K for your pleasure.

Simulacra 2 review - #solvemayamurder
Jimmy? Is this you mate?

As fun as SIMULACRA 2 is, it is of course limited by a phones interface. This is understandable as SIMULACRA 2 is designed perfectly for mobile devices, but the game can feel quite repetitive after a while. Lucky enough, the story doesn’t drag on and feels about right for the genre of the game. After my first playthrough (about 4 hours), I must admit that I was disappointed with the ending. I made some educated guesses and this impacted the ending. This prompted me to complete either playthrough; this time purposely taking a different path and was rewarded with a better ending. These choices do impact the story, as I later found out as there’s a total of nine different endings that reward and punish your investigation skills. This not only encourages replayability, but also dives deeper into the story surrounded Maya’s death and allows you to appreciate the work done by Kaigan Games.

Simulacra 2 review - #solvemayamurder
Simulacra 2 review - #solvemayamurder 1

SIMULACRA 2 is a good mobile game that has a decent amount of content, especially for its price. The vast number of multiple endings combined with a respectable play time create a good experience that is well worth your time.

  • 71%
    GAMEPLAY - 71%
  • 72%
    GRAPHICS - 72%
  • 56%
    AUDIO - 56%


SIMULACRA 2 is a fun and engaging mobile game that ensures players will lose countless hours getting that perfect ending. 

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