Someday You'll Return Review
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Someday You’ll Return Review

Someday You’ll Return Review

Someday You’ll Return is a psychological horror adventure game where I went in completely blind and despite this, my first impressions were quite good. I am a man who loves to explore and this meant that as soon as I stepped foot out my red car, I decided to go backwards and explore the direction that I had just driven from, despite the game telling me to walk forward towards the forest. Now trust me, this was brilliant! I love easter eggs that developers hide in their games and when it catches you off guard… well, it’s even better!

Someday You'll Return Review


You begin as a young girl trying to escape a dungeon while being chased by an unknown figure, but ultimately you fail to escape. Jump forward to the next scene and you are in the shoes of a man named Daniel, as he is trying to track down the whereabouts of his missing daughter, Stela.

It is soon revealed that Stela has run away a few times in the past, this time she has run off to the forest where Daniel was a camp leader from his past.

It doesn’t take long before you think Daniel is a bit of a d**k; he belittles people when he speaks to them, is often rude and you can begin to see why Stela actually ran off in the first place, let alone wanting Daniel to find her.

After an hour or so into the story you soon relise that the forest isn’t exactly what you thought it was and holds a deep dark mystery for you to uncover.

I feel like the developers have done an excellent job here, slowly feeding you information about the past, but not enough so you can guess how the game unfolds. This means you become invested in the story as it holds your attention and not completely puts you in the dark, which is quite a hard thing to do.


The gameplay is straight forward in the way that is basically a walking simulator, but it does include some extra bits and pieces to keep you a little more immersed and interested. Your mobile phone for instance is used to interact with, but more importantly when it has a signal helps you navigate the forest, which can be difficult at times. I mostly used maps found around the forest and followed the colour marked trails to get to where I needed to go.

You also have a toolbelt that helps you solve some of the puzzles around the forest, along with an alchemy kit where you can brew your own potions from the surrounding plants. Brewing certain potions also opens up more places to explore and are needed for the story to progress. All these things were great to keep you somewhat entertained, but after a while they began to repeat and feel tiredsome.

Some of the puzzles were great and you got that ‘pat-on-the-back’ feeling when you finally figured them out, however I feel like there was just to many little puzzles that started to drain my patience — It started to turn into a point and click game. These puzzles were fine but for a 15 hour game I feel like the could of removed a few of these and kept me more entertained for less time.

As you slip further into the unknown of the forest you are faced with actual monsters that require you to sneak past them. You wont get any weapons to defend yourself, which I actually enjoyed, but the monsters and the stealth mechanics felt a little weak and far from challenging, I found myself actually sprinting through this part of the game.

Someday You'll Return Review

Graphics and Audio

The graphics and the audio is where Someday You’ll Return shines! I enjoyed my time walking through the woods and watching the sun glistening through the trees. The developers have done a great job of making the forest feel comfortable and warm during the day, but also alone and cold at night. The bunkers and dungeons also looked amazing and did a great job of making you feel fear to a certain extent. All of these different surroundings were also complemented with great audio that shifts with the atmosphere.

The forest itself is moulded after a real forest in the Czech Republic and knowing that the team behind this game, CBE Software, are also based there is no wonder the forest looks so good. The team certainly shown their love for it by recreating it beautifully.


Someday You'll Return Review


  • Beautiful settings
  • Great audio
  • Intriguing story
Someday You'll Return Review


  • Stealth is unsatisfying
  • Puzzles could be pruned
  • A tad to long to hold your attention
  • 62%
    GAMEPLAY - 62%
  • 86%
    GRAPHICS - 86%
  • 80%
    AUDIO - 80%


Whilst Some Day You’ll Return looks amazing and is quite smooth to play, it does seem to drag on for a bit to long for its story. I feel like more is less with this genre of game and could of done with some pruning of some of its puzzles to help the game advance a quicker rate. However, there are a lot of great things in this game that do leave a lasting impression in your mind, including a great story to unravel.

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