Doom eternal: the ancient gods part one review
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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Review

The Ancient Gods Part One Review

Doom Eternal is back with a bang releasing upon us it’s first DLC update The Ancient Gods Part One.

First of all, let me apologize that this wasn’t out for you all sooner, but The Ancient Gods expansion is not only packed full with new content, maps, and juicy lore but it’s also an absolute blast to play, so I kinda just forgot I was suppose to be writing about it.

The Story

The Ancient Gods picks up pretty much where DOOM Eternal left off with DOOM Slayer mounting up once again to fight hordes of demons this time calling out the devil himself.

No spoilers as the DOOM universe now has such a dense and enthralling storyline that for me to try and sum it up here in a couple of paragraphs would be doing it a huge disservice. Just play the game, trust me.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Gameplay

What’s it like?

The Ancient Gods Part One taps you on the left shoulder then skewers you from the front. The moment you drop your guard is the moment you cop a rocket in the face. It’s fast, unforgiving and at times a little sneaky. Gameplay-wise it doesn’t stray too far from the core experience of DOOM Eternal but cranks it up even further, at this stage the dial goes all the way up to 12.

The Ancient Gods will put all your previously learned skills to the test, again and again, and I’m not talking about testing your aim and knowing a demon’s weakness no no no, you will also need to know your arsenal inside and out, every attachment, every weapon, and every grenade, because you’ll need all of it if you plan on beating this behemoth of a DLC.

With that said The Ancient Gods is certainly not unapproachable for new players, its just anyone with core gameplay experience is going to get much more out of it than a newbie.

As was the case with DOOM Eternal on top of the massive arena battles there is also a fairly significant element of platforming, while it’s no Getting Over It, there were certainly some areas that saw me falling off the map time and time again.

The new maps are gorgeous and all 3 have their own distinct look, feel and unique hazards.

What’s New?

The Ancient Gods packs in a lot of new content, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.

3 new campaign maps UAC ATLANTICA, BLOOD SWAMPS, and THE HOLT each a unique environment with their own challenges.

You also get the Maykr Slayer Collection unlocked for your enjoyment which includes a sweet skin for the Slayer, a new podium, animations, icons, and badges.

Doom Slayer also gets a massive buff in the form of 3 new Support Runes:

  • Desperate Punch – Blood Punch deals double damage when your health is 75 or below.
  • Take Back – When a demon causes an Extra Life to activate, it can be killed within a short time to gain the Extra Life back
  • Break Blast – Destroying a Weak Point generates a concussive blast

How big is it?

The update came in at a little under 11Gb and once downloaded can be launched directly from the DOOM Eternal main menu.

Once you are in the action you are looking at anywhere from 3 to 6hrs of gameplay, depending on your play style and skill level.

You don’t need to own DOOM Eternal to buy and play The Ancient Gods: Part One it can be purchased standalone which will also give you access to Battlemode. All I can say to this is if you haven’t played DOOM Eternal and plan on jumping straight into The Ancient Gods… good luck.

Doom eternal: the ancient gods part one review


  • Left me wanting more
  • Difficulty that is punishing without feeling unfair
  • New maps
  • Plenty of play time
Doom eternal: the ancient gods part one review


  • Some less than satisfying platforming aspects
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Review
  • 93%
    GAMEPLAY - 93%
  • 84%
    GRAPHICS - 84%
  • 91%
    AUDIO - 91%


The Ancient Gods just left me wanting more, it’s brutally fast and unforgiving and will chew up and spit out any players who haven’t already bathed in the blood of their enemies by completing the main missions. If you have any interest in the DOOM franchise at all and are yet to play DOOM Eternal, now is the time!

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One is available now from the Bethesda website or Steam and is also available for XBOX One and Playstation 4.

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