Totally reliable delivery service review
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS) is a game that walks a fine line between hilarity and frustration. It’s an over the top sandbox puzzle game that sees you play spaghetti armed delivery people fighting against impossible physics and unruly vehicles desperately trying to get packages to their destination on time.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review

TRDS is designed primarily with chaos in mind, the physics and inputs are there to give the illusion of control when in reality you have as much control as a toddler sitting in one of those plastic toy cars tugging on a steering wheel connected to nothing.

Totally reliable delivery service review
Totally reliable delivery service review 1

There are 100 missions in the game and the clock starts counting the second you pull the lever to dispense your package. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded based on how quickly you can get the package to its destination. A plethora of vehicles scattered throughout the map encourages you to get creative while en-route. Half the battle is getting the package into the vehicle the other half is keeping it there.

Along with the vehicles, there are jumps, trampolines, a human chocolate-wheel slingshot, tobogganing, and a Ferris wheel to name just a few of the fun activities you can find littered throughout the map.

I played Totally Reliable Delivery Service on the Xbox, which controls the characters individual arms using the 4 shoulder buttons, using the triggers to grip with either your left, right or both hands and the bumpers to raise the corresponding arm. While there are specific grip points on vehicles and around the map to help you on your journey you can grip onto just about anything and anyone.

On first load, I went at it single-player local, and I think this was a bit of a mistake, the game is challenging, and the map manages to feel empty while still having loads to do. I fumbled my way around and after about 15 minutes had come to grips with the controls, slowly checking off some of the more straight forward deliveries. Around the hour mark and the game started to feel like a chore, and flaws in the game mechanics started to show. The scenery popup was way to close for a game that doesn’t contain anything graphically challenging, and the games tendency to clip your character into almost everything is infuriating. I got stuck in trailers, boxes and cars on just about every mission I played. Once stuck you’ll find yourself furiously mashing jump and dive while vigorously wiggling your thumbstick like it’s the year 2000 and you’re trying to beat your sister at a stupid Mario Party minigame.

Jumping into online mode resulted in further frustration as I was hit with lag so bad it made what is already difficult movement near impossible. So I packed it up for the day and arranged a time to revisit some local coop with my significant other.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service currently has a warning on the home screen about high player count and latency issues… 🙁

Totally reliable delivery service review
Totally reliable delivery service review 2

Local co-op and online is a hoot, diving into each other getting dragged behind vehicles and sometimes even working together is great fun, and as my partner put it: “There are too many distractions to worry about completing missions.” What was disappointing is the lack of any true multiplayer specific challenges, while working with someone certainly makes a lot of the tasks easier, there are no puzzles that actually require multiplayer cooperation.

Totally reliable delivery service review
Totally reliable delivery service review 3

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Review
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Totally Reliable Delivery Service walks a fine line between hilarity and frustration, the wonky physics working against you is both the games greatest strength and biggest weakness. Not a game I would choose to sit down and 100% the solo campaign, I would, however, love to watch someone speed run it. Its lack of dedicated multiplayer puzzles makes it difficult to stay on task when you are going at it in co-op, however, the many and varied stunts and activities should keep you and a couple of mates entertained for a couple of hours. While initially a little disappointed by the game putting in some time online has brought me back around (Providing you can connect to a server with low lag). With a few refinements, TRDS could be a go-to game for speedrun challenges or just a good way to get a few cheap laughs with some mates. If you’re into Goat Simulator or Octodad than this game is for you.

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