World war z review
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World War Z Review

World War Z

First thing first, World War Z is a thrilling four-player cooperative third-person shooter that focuses on massive zombie hordes who recklessly chase after the living… aka you. It is based on the incredibly popular Paramount Pictures property of the same name, except no Brad Pitt in sight. ๐Ÿ™ Some of my greatest gaming moments when I was younger were playing Left 4 Dead. I was hoping that they’d capitalize on this genre and give me a game that I couldn’t put down… Unfortunately, they did not.

World War Z doesn’t reinvent the wheel and plays like any other 4 player Co-Op game. Overkill’s The Walking Dead is perhaps the most recent resemblance, but World War Z can be mostly compared to Left 4 Dead. Like most gamers, i love Left 4 Dead- It’s the ultimate zombie horde game. It feels like World War Z have tried to take to much from them that it lost it’s own originality. The standard Zombies featured in World War Z are much like Little Chris in the way that they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. But I guess when you put 1000 of them in one room, their little noodle arms might be able to rip you apart. The zombies are so very similar in style to Left 4 Dead- the Gasbag who lets off poisonous gas when killed, The Bull and of course, the Lurker (preys on any player that runs off by themselves). It’s all been done before and much, much better!

World war z review

World War Z campaign has 4 main missions based in 4 different parts of the world- USA, Russia, Israel and Japan. Each city has 4 different survivors to chose from and to be honest, this actually separates the characters from the story for me. I loved going to the NYC subway or to the frozen streets of Russia, but it left the characters with no growth what-so-ever. Constantly jumping from one to another doesn’t let you connect with any certain character, just feels like more of a cosmetic skin as such. Every character however can be upgraded along with guns, which is something that was done right and was welcomed.

World war z review

It isn’t all bad though, the levels are amazing to look at and the scenery can be beautiful in some stages. I really enjoyed the look of the Russian Snow, the thrill and the increased heart rate the first few times you see the horde of Zombies come piling in. This is the one thing I really feel like the devs nailed. I loved the sheer amount of zombies recklesy throwing them selves off of rooftops just to try and get to you, although 50% may die in the process! You can see the bloodthirst in their eyes and here it in there screams as the pile up on top of each other trying to get up and over certain walls and obstacles. This for me was amazing to see the first few times. However, these games are built for replayability and the levels seem to lack the imagination that encourages players to go back and grind further. The grind to get your player maxed out with powerful guns was even a little bit too much than what I actually wanted to play, which is a shame because the game could offer so much more.

World war z review

But all is not truly lost. As I said, this game looks amazing and with a little work here and there the replayability could improved. The game is fine and runs well, but just lacks that little bit of originality. Maybe some new, cool zombies with some special traits would separate this game from being another Left 4 Dead clone. There is also a multiplayer side of it too, but I will not touch on this too much. It seemed almost rushed and I for one would never want to play a domination game in a Zombie shooter… Maybe let 4 players be the zombies even?? ๐Ÿ˜›

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