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Audio-Technica Releases Limited Edition AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V Microphone

Honestly, have you seen a better looking microphone than Audio-Technica’s limited edition AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V microphones? Audio-Technica is celebrating the success of their cardioid condenser microphones by releasing a limited-edition silver AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V microphones.

When it comes to home studio recording, the AT2020 V is one of the best performing XLR microphones on the market. Not only does it create a rich and warm studio sound, but it delivers amazing performance thanks to its high SPL. The AT2020 V is available now for $229AUD RRP.

The AT2020USB+ V is the perfect solution for content creators — Its USB connection ensures that every level on content creator will reap the benefits of this cardioid condenser microphone. The built-in analogue to digital converter features 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate that is able to produce an accurate and crisp sound reproduction that will please your community. The AT2020USB+ V is available now for $359AUD RRP.

Both these microphones come with an AT8458 shock mount to minimise noise, shock and vibrations commonly caused by mic stands, boom arms and mounts. Be quick to grab your own limited-edition silver AT2020 V and AT2020USB+ V microphones because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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